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  1. Gjalp

    Boeing 747-200

    Once a gain Goran takes something "simple" and gives us something "AWESOME!!!!" Looking forward to this release like everyone else. We should start a "Leading Edge Simulations" fan group, you could have groupies and everything....oh wait, that's us now Slainte, Andy - first confessed LES groupie!
  2. Gjalp

    Sundowner Upgrade

    Looking good as always Goran Slainte, Andy
  3. Gjalp

    Beechcraft Duke flying in Himalaya

    What a fantastic video!!!! I noticed that the Duke's yoke never moved during your turns and climbs yet the levers on the THQ did. Is this something that can be turned off and on? Loved the Twotter, is that the STMA version or another companies? You don't see Ed Force One (BIG Iron Maiden fan...photographed the plane in question at NZCH when they played here, saw them in concert as well....good times ), everyday either, guess they had a concert in the Himalayas that night?? Cheers, Andy NZCH
  4. Gjalp

    A Spitfire Experience - GB Pro X-Plane 10

    I have this plane, its fantastic, I bought the entire collection back in v9 days and they run real nice in v10. You should get his P38J, its the best one he made I feel Great vid, thanks for sharing. Slainte, Andy NZCH
  5. Fantaswtic, now do it again in HD, full screen at low res doesnt do it justice!!!! My first ever flight was in a 733 to Dunedin, turbulence all the way! Slainte, Andy NZCH
  6. Any chance we can download the video in HD? Im killing my broaodband here as I cant stop watching it!!!! SLainte, Andy NZCH
  7. Gjalp

    download aircraft

    How do you mean "downloaded" all the disks. the demo is a single install, and the genuine version has about 5 (?) dvd's (been a while since I instaldled XP9, have been using 10 since it was released a while ago...). Just curious is all......maybe the "download" had a corrupt file somewhere? Slainte. Andy NZCH
  8. Gjalp

    What did you fly today?

    Damn Chris, your a frikkin nutbar!!!!! It looks like Wellington, but I could be wrong Slainte. Andy NZCH
  9. Gjalp

    What did you fly today?

    Really? Nuts!!!! Could have sworn that was the Wiamak entrance Ah well, back to the maps I guess Oh, Happy New Year as well Slainte, Andy NZCH
  10. Gjalp

    What did you fly today?

    Hi Leen, any chance these paints will turn up anytimer soon for the rest of to enjoy? Slainte,Andy NZCH
  11. Gjalp

    What did you fly today?

    More closely, coming into NZCH 02 end by the direction your heading Slainte, Andy NZCH
  12. Gjalp

    Vintage - Southern DC3 - ZK-AMY

    I downloaded and nothing nasty was waiting so take a chance and download this. Besides, if you have a good virus scanner it will detect any threats and alert you to them, mine does That aside, Aegen thank you for creating this skin.....I used to see her flying over my house nearly every weekend, its a pity she has moved to Ashburton ( I live in Christchurch,about 2 hours north of Ashburton....) to sit and wait,although I feel her days are numbered for getting back into the air again. Slainte, Andy NZCH
  13. Hi Ola, very cool and very well done in the time space you had! Slainte, Andy NZCH
  14. Gjalp

    Hydro-foiling Moth

    Hey Hampster, this looks amazing!!!! Cant wait to see the finished version......or any screenshots really! Now, if we can jsut get this into XP10....... Slainte, Andy NZCH
  15. Gjalp

    A work in progress NZ Wellington. WNNZ.

    Looking nice so far! Slainte, Andy NZCH