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Exciting new vendor for Flight Sim harware


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Hi everyone. I was searching for some affordable sim parts for  a home built cockpit I'm working towards and found a company called Propwash Sims (https://www.propwashsim.com). This is a new company to my understanding but have set the mark for quality and affordability. I recently bought the Plug and Play Radio Panel designed for XP11 (the unit in question https://www.propwashsim.com/node/38). It arrived today, about a week after I ordered it. The unit is very well manufactured with a bright display so it can be easily seen in a brightly lit room. The components are very sturdy and will handle a lot of use over time. 

The unit comes as a panel with exposed electronics, its recommended that you mount on either a rack type system, s in a real panel, or in an enclosure from the local electronics suppliers near you. You are given a USB cable to connect everything up with and the setup is very quick and easy. You will be supplied a plugin after purchase that is installed into the plugins folder within XP. I have tested it with the other plugins that we need to run our favourite planes and it works fine with all of them. The setup instructions for the plugin are very simple to follow, you just choose a COM port, then type of panel you are using (you have a choice configurable by a dropdown menu in X-plane for either Com1, Com2, Nav1, Nav2, ADF/Transponder or GPS-Groundspeed/Distance.), and then start flying. It works in real time so when you change a COM setting you see it change in XP at the same time.

This company is well worth looking into if you are either adding to an existing layout or just starting out. The quality is at the higher end of the market, similar to the GoFlight modules etc. The service was fast, all questions answered quickly and professionally. I would very quickly recommend this company.

I am told by the team there that some new panels are coming out, as to when Im not to sure. They will also be at the FlightSimExpo so if you are there pop in and see them!




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