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  1. FlyAgi


    I made my own livery based on the blue one included. :-)
  2. The plane will roll left - this is because of the propeller torque, the propeller is rotating to the right, so the airplane slightly roll to the left and this effect gets stronger at high power settings. In theory you should be able to use roll or rudder trim assigned to buttons to correct this but I don't know if the aircraft prevents you to do so for realism as the Sundowner has no roll or rudder trim as far as I know. I suggest to fly the sundowner at about 2500 rpm in cruise flight so the roll left tendecy is there but in a way I think it's fine. I personally don't like having no torque effect at all (of course, this depends on aircraft and engine configuration, if the real aircraft rolls left I want my virtual aircraft to do so as well).
  3. Are you talking about grass strips and, does this also happen on default airports and their grass runways and taxiways? For me the Sundowner works well on grass (and paved ground of course) but some designers do grass strips and don't care for debumping the ground so this might be related to missing ground surface definitions on some airports. This might be intended as this is heaviliy depending on power settings, higher throttle leads to more left side roll and to some degree this seems realistic to me but I can't tell you if it's possibly overdone.
  4. Well... I have to thank you for the sundowner... As I said before, this combination, high end visuals AND great sound AND great performance is really a rare combination and this is why I was always looking for new GA aircraft finaly not forcing me to make compromises in one of those categories. :-)
  5. FlyAgi

    Can't raise nose on power off

    Thank you very much. :-)
  6. I'm not sure if this is intended or an issue but I have the following problem with my landings: With full flaps and full nose up trim I can't get the nose up for the flare if the throttle is set to idle, power off (at about 68 knots according to the manual). On low speeds with power off it seems as if there is no elevator authority at all resulting in somewhat weird landings.
  7. As you are working on an update I thought it might be useful to report a nasty bug I experienced: Sometimes I can't get the GPS turned on, it does not respond to the avionics switch and the display remains black no matter what I do. This seem (I'm not completely sure about that) to happen after switching from a different aircraft to the sundowner (in a single X-Plane session) and, if this happens, the file 'states.dat' shows 0.0 value for the 'GPSOn' line. Setting this value to 1.0 (or anything higher than 0.0) this gets fixed and the GPS gets powered on again. Great plane btw, looks and flies great, sounds amazing and has no impact at all on FPS for me - this is a rare combination, most high end GA planes are FPS killers or their (engine) sounds are pretty weak. :-)
  8. FlyAgi

    Less cumulus than by default, it's possible?

    Just watch my video - you can clearly see I don't use a weather injector, the video shows my weather options and the manual clouds setup. Later in the video I also change clouds to scattered and broken in the menü and you can see the effect instantly, clouds fading in and so on. Mabye Real Weather Connector does have some effect (I have this installed) but I think Frank has to tell us if RWC has an effect on weather presets or not - in theory it should be inactive if I don't fly with real world weather. I checked this once again, deleted all metar files and removed RWC from plugins, still I get the results shown in the video.
  9. FlyAgi

    Less cumulus than by default, it's possible?

    I always use 'puffs' for the cumulus.
  10. FlyAgi

    Less cumulus than by default, it's possible?

    It's done - this is how the cumulus look for me in motion. I think it's pretty good actually, the only problem I found where some weather redraws which should not happen like this in XP11, even the default weather redndering does not suffer from this (except on mesh or weather loading).
  11. FlyAgi

    Less cumulus than by default, it's possible?

    Well... I'm going to take a video for proof, this just needs some time to record and upload... :-)
  12. FlyAgi

    Less cumulus than by default, it's possible?

    Do a slider with the current values as the max available value - this way people can increase performance by reducing the slider and those in the need of higher draw distance could possibly have more options to achieve that without sacrificing too much of their framerates (high visibility has a massive impact in FPS).
  13. FlyAgi

    Less cumulus than by default, it's possible?

    I think the few cumulus are fine. I just did a quick test with a manual weather preset, changing clouds to few and there where some areas with lots of few clouds while right next there where huge gaps and some single puffs or smaller accumulations. Same position, different heading:
  14. FlyAgi

    What Does RWC Do?

    Regarding the FSGRW wind and trubulence injection I suggest to talk to the developers directly (there email is available on their store page). I talked to them myself regarding the injection process and they will at least look into this, they came up with a solution (yet to implement) very quickly so I think they are pretty open for suggestions.
  15. FlyAgi

    What Does RWC Do?

    No, it won't. FSGRW gives me about the same FPS performance I can get with ASXP, the real performance impact SMP can have is related to cloud layers and positioning, drawing lots of broken clouds has a noticable effect but this is the same situation with ASXP or FSGRW - for me it makes no difference performance wise. This will be reduced drastically with RWC, no matter which weather engine you want to use. In the RWC options make sure to have 'never changes visible weather' checked so you will see much less cloud redraws than without (on mesh tile loading a slight redraw effect still seems to occur, on metar change it's fine). Regarding the 'killer combo' I have to give some further notes for ASXP users, there are some downsides compared to ASXP: ASXP draw more noticably detailled wind/turbulence effects ASXP is smoother in weather injection, currently you have to inject the weather manually with FSGRW after the flight has loaded and then you will have to change settings in the RWC options to really see the current weather (I reported this to the developers and they look into the injection process) On weather change you will see no cloud redraws but sky colors and haze can suddenly change (I don't remember if this also happens with ASXP or if this is smoothed there). Aside from that FSGRW gives you better, more detailed looks, more variety in clouds, it also has a more streamlined (and simple) interface and I really enjoy using it, I clearly prefer FSGRW over ASXP but the more detailed turbulences are not that important to me. No matter what weather engine you want to use I really recommend RWC as this is the key to plausible and great looking cloud formations with SMP. If you want to upgrade your SMP cloud representation this should be the first thing to add. Here I have some videos of what you can expect from adding RWC to your SMP, weather information comes from FSGRW.