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  1. FlyAgi

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    As I said, for me it did never look different than it does now since version 4.0, the cloud shadows behave exactly the same way for me, sometimes harddly noticable, sometimes very prominent - I can't see any changes in this regard.
  2. FlyAgi

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    Don't get me wrong - the SMP cloud shadows are often barely noticable but this was always the case since 4.0, I can't see any difference in 4.7 and 4.8 compared to what I've seen before.
  3. FlyAgi

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    Honestly... those shadows look as if they come from the scenery, from the mountains in combination with the low sun angle and not from the clouds. :-)
  4. FlyAgi

    Any Terramaxx News?

    Thank you Steven. :-)
  5. FlyAgi

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    Well... did you try using SMP in a fresh and clean X-Plane installation? As this seems to be an ongoing issue for you since 4.7.3 I would try to figure out where it comes from. If you have some time you could just download a second copy of X-Plane with the installer, you don't need any global scenery so it's just some few GB in size and try if SMP works in this situation (just test in KSEA or LOWI demo areas if no global scenery is installed).
  6. FlyAgi

    Is it raining over there?

    My video uplaod has finished and I can now show you how the thunderstorm situation seen on my screenshots looks in motion. This possibly also helps on judging if performance is good enough for some users but I think those flying at locked 30 fps on pretty modern computers don't need to fear anything (and even if then SMP is worth the tweaking for compensation). :-) My specs: i7 2600k, 4200 MHz 32 GB DDR3 @ 1333 MHz RAM (with 16 GB @ 2133 I get about 5 more FPS) GeForce GTX 1070 (8 GB VRAM)
  7. About a year after TerraMaxx was released there are now more and more sceneries supporting TerraMaxx. Here is a list of sceneries shipping with TerraMaxx seasons, these are the sceneries I know they support TerraMaxx and possibly there are more out there (but I don't know). FlyAgi.de (free) EDDK Cologne Bonn (by Ced Gauche) EDHK Kiel Holtenau (by MrMo) EDXE Rheine-Eschendorf (by Johannes Schuster + Jens Hicken) EDPW Thalmaessing-Waizenhofen (by Johannes Schuster) EDNQ Bopfingen (by Johannes Schuster) EDRN Nannhausen LOWI Innsbruck (Upgrade for the default XP demo area) Lindau im Bodensee FlyAgi Vegetation (Library) FlyAgi Vegetation Global Trees (Global tree replacement) Simmershome.de (free, login and free club membership required) EDAQ Halle-Oppin EDAU Riesa EDOP Schwerin EDAY Strausberg EDAZ Schoenhagen EDAB Bautzen ETNL Rostock Aerosoft (Payware) Airport Zürich V2.0 XP Dortmund XP Tromsø XP Airport Köln/Bonn XP Airport Manchester XP11 FSDG (Payware) Graz Thalerhof XP
  8. FlyAgi

    Any Terramaxx News?

    That sounds amazing. :-) At first I think you should incorporate the pol files fix, you helped me on this some days after release and I think this would make things easier and more enjoyable for most users. BTW, there are currently lots of airports being released supporting TerraMaxx seasons officially and I'm working on some more myself - This is gathering some momentum it seems and I will do my best to keep things rolling. Regarding this I hope you will not change the color appearance of the seasons drastically as all my color optimization for creating seamless integration of airports into the surrounding landclasses would have to be redone (I'm talking about 20+ sceneries and counting).
  9. FlyAgi

    Is it raining over there?

    Indeed... :-) I took some great shots of some thunderstorm clouds yesterday, this was really impressive. I like the new darker clouds of 4.8 and hope they don't get white again in the future as I found some people already complaining about too greyish clouds - for me they are right as they are now, I really enjoy the new lighting.
  10. FlyAgi

    Freezing the load of the X-Plane

    Possibly it helps if you create an exception for the complete X-Plane folder, this could also speed up things a bit and avoid future issues with other addons.
  11. FlyAgi

    SkyMaxx Pro v4.8.1 Update Released!

    I had my own 'problems' with SMP cloud shadows in XP11 right from the beginning of version 4.0. As mentioned before SMP does not draw cloud shadows in certain (foggy) situations but this did not change in 4.8 compared to the older versions. The shadows are sometimes barely visible but this was always like this. Further, your screenshots show very different situations and, as mentioned before, over water areas the shadows are more noticable so your screenshots don't help judging if everything is right or not in your installation. Do you have some shader tweaks or other stuff installed which is modifying the lighting situation? For me your screenshots #1 and #2 look extremely bright, the default clouds never looked this bright and free of details for me. This is how the shadows look for me, over water areas and with high visibility: Actually, I made this shot to report another bug or issue (taken with 4.8.0): On the DSF edge you can see a very hard line, the shadow is cut there and does not look very natural to me. I checked with the XP map and this hard edges seem to occur exactly on the edges of DSF mesh tiles (weather was injected by FSGRW). Edit: I forgot to mention that SMP cloud shadows take the sun position into account it seems so the cloud shadows are not just straight below the clouds but shifted depending on sun light angle. This should be noticable on the following shot below the thunderstorm cloud. You can see the cloud shadow on the left side of the towering cloud with no clouds above and on the right side below the cloud the shadow starts shifted to the left side and not directly below.
  12. FlyAgi

    use on several installs?

    This can be done with up to three installations. After installing into your main X-Plane installation go to 'X-Plane 11/Resources/plugins' and copy SilverLining Gizmo64.plugin RealWeatherConnector into the plugins directory of your other X-Plane installations. Possibly you will have to activate the DRM for every installation once (and after a certain time not used) but as long as you don't have more than three installations this will work. If you have more than three you will have to transfer one of the activations more often but technically this would work as well.
  13. FlyAgi

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    If this is stuck just switch to 'never - read datarefs instead' (or similar), wait until the weather has been redrawn and then switch back to 'External Injector'. This way RWC should reread the weather files and this works well for me. Further I think 'Automatic' possibly leads to the same results as 'External Injector' when using ASXP but I'm not completely sure about that. The setting 'automatic' when using the default real weather lets RWC read the metar.rwx for drawing weather and this is all you need when using ASXP so I expect RWC to do the same in 'automatic' and 'external injector' mode with ASXP as injector. With FSGRW however the 'external injector' mode gets you different results because of the additional information from the fsgrwsmp.rwx file which, if I get this right, will only be taken into account in 'external injector' mode.
  14. FlyAgi

    Skymaxx pro 4.8.1 & Asxp

    I suggest to use the 'external injector' method, this should work. Make sure you start ASXP before launching X-plane so when the flight is loaded and RWC starts it finds a current metar.rwx (especially important if the 'never change visible weather'option is checked). If you have ever used FSGRW delete the fsgrwsmp.rwx file in the XP root folder, this file could interfere with the ASXP weather information.
  15. FlyAgi

    Missing layers with ASXP, SPM and RWC

    I've recently learned 'SMP is a resource hog' but my computer just does not believe... :-)