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  1. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Try about 6000ft higher!
  2. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    The water texture is XP11 is really terrible, looks like patch work pattern. Surely it can’t be overlooked, considering FSX is ancient and has probably 100 textures to choose from. Otherwise good news, good to see progress!
  3. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Contrails Ground effect bug Water textures Any news on them?
  4. Looks great Tom, will test it out next week when I'm back from holiday, got a feeling my flights are going to get much more interesting!
  5. number of passengers and cargo weight

    I guess it's similar, your descriptions are more well known, but it doesn't help when a morning business route is quiet due to summer holidays etc. In that case, you need so many descriptions to describe various flight scenarios. I still think a slider for PAX and Cargo would be good, with a more accurate description or actual figures along with a description. For example, if I move the slider from packed to extreme, is this realistic in real life, is extreme basically 148 seats full, and packed is....145?? Telling someone the flight was packed implies that it was full. For cargo weights the same, we can guess approx luggage weights, but what about airline cargo that may be loaded. Next flight: Boston - Edinburgh - 2670nm (let the winds blow!)
  6. number of passengers and cargo weight

    I would love a seat layout but that takes a lot of time and effort. Why not ditch the ZFW menu options of empty, average, busy, packed, extreme. These are very vague and not commonly used terms. I fly every month, Basel-UK, my wife asks how busy the flight was, I often say average, which means it was full....as it is always full so thats average. I would never say the flight was extreme! Why not have the slider be a simple PAX counter, left is zero, right is 148 (or whatever full is, I use 148) and have 148 increments, simple and accurate and quick to implement.
  7. Exploited unit converted to cargo

    Believe it or not, I watched this video a few nights ago, then went on FR24 to search the reg, it was in the air, turning finals for landing, I think it was Southampton in the UK, looks like it was on it's final leg of that flight, probably via Greenland or Iceland. I wasn't sure if it was a freighter getting retired for parts, or if it was going there to get converted. And with some luck, I found a 737 Max 8 flying from KSEA to ENTO yesterday, 4000nm, I was slightly puzzled and how it could fly that far, then realised it was a delivery flight, two good catches in a space of a few days. A Cargo 737 variant would be no.1 on my wish list, come on, can't be too hard to do Jan!
  8. Missing / wrong sounds and other things

    Hi Matt I use a payware addon called XP Realistic. It does all the sound and effects you want, for all your addon aircraft. It is highly adjustable so you can tune them to your liking. For the 737, I enable the ground roll effect (type of nose, rattles and squeaks can be adjusted, cockpit shake can be adjusted), front wheel well rumble (think IXEG simulate this anyway), wind noise, again, 5 different types of noise can be selected and choose any volume, flap drag rumble, speed brake rumble, turbulence, touch down effect etc etc etc. Each noise can be simulated at any time so you can have it all setup before flight.
  9. Real flights, I didn't realise you were still active. You won't be piloting a -300 I bet! All I see on FR24 are A320 or similar on the FRA route.
  10. 733 long haul

    Hi Tom Great flight and planning! I done quite a few longhaul flights prior to 1.2, they were just under the 2000nm range, most Scotland to East coast USA, sometimes direct (when westerly winds were not blowing a gail), and sometime via the Azores. Not really matching anything real life but fun to do. On a couple of occasions I had to stop of to top up fuel in St Johns, but on the way back with 120kt tail winds, landing back in the UK with tonnes of fuel and about 1.5 hrs quicker than Eastbound, now I see when the NATS change daily for the winds. Still to try a long flight with 1.2, totally forgot about the database update. Will try another again soon. Were there any BBJ version of the -300? Would love to reach KBOS or NY from the UK! I saw the Norwegian Max at EDN recently, I would love to copy it's route to Stewart, but that's wishful thinking!
  11. Hi Sounds like a good flight plan Jan, but BEO in Oz? I have Ortho for most of the area's I fly, Majorca looks great, will take an island tour in the Commanche from LESB once I am there. I have flew this route many times in real life (as PAX). I don't think I will have more issues, the plane was perfect before this yoke problem. I have left flight controls sensitives at 50%, I think this is default, but will have to check that.
  12. Hi Jan It's fixed, since I have had so many stable flights, and nobody else has any similar issue, it had to be something unique! A few tests and I find when I active XP Realistic, the yoke moves to the right! I have assigned the 0 key for this, which is also aileron trim left...doh! I used to have it assigned to something else, which I will do now. I also found you can find what a key is assigned to in the keyboard menu, which makes it easier to prevent conflicts. Also want to mention the control delay (from my other recent post), I see now that the yoke follows XP control positions, so the delay I see is actually XP reading the joystick position, not something in the aircraft, I would still like XP to ready my joystick quicker, it seems delayed when moving "fairly" fast to full deflection. Playing with the control sensitivities doesn't seem to have any effect in this aircraft, I will look into it, no big deal. Wish I tested a bit more before posting, but thanks for the top notch support as always, especially on a Sunday morning! Time to get this Jet2 from Basel to Palma this morning!
  13. Hi all. Done a few short flights recently but have a new problem. My understanding is that the startup state is determined by the setting in the preference menu, for me it's on Turn Around. With 1.1, I notice is doesn't load in this state, it's not in the state I left it in, it's not turnaround or engines on, it seems to be tunraround but with the APU off, on startup there is a constant buzzing sound until you connect ground power. The next issue is when the aircraft power comes on (ground or apu), the yoke slowly moves to the right with about 10 deg deflection, and this is now the neutral position of the yoke. I checked my stick and the control location in the data output and can see that the stick is centred. This is really strange and I think this problem may have started during a flight when the plane started banking right in mid flight! Also, this all started at the same time as I was having problems with VNAV, I couldn't get it to engage, couldn't get heading heading hold to engage, maybe because the yoke was off centre. I also tried to change a speed limit below 10'00ft from 250 to 280 (common to do in many places), it worked on previous flight but on this one I got a gizmo pop up error then the FMC wouldn't work correctly anymore. Maybe this is a VNAV limitation but this has worked before. Main problem is the yoke movement to the right and the startup state, I think they are linked as the aircraft seems to be starting up in a confused state. Screenshot below is after selecting read to fly in preference menu.
  14. Eyebrow windows clickable area.

    Hi Litjan Thanks for the detailed explanation, I was thinking it may have been discussed before. I've not actually found the turbulence too bad, I really enjoy it, reminds me of my glider flying days in windy Scotland, well, maybe a 737 shouldn't be so similar, your probably right then! Thanks again for your time.
  15. Hi all When sitting in my normal view position for flying, pan to the right and click the L-PACK off/auto/high. Unless I click dead on the clickspot for this switch, he eyebrow window behind toggles the green blind. It seems the windows green cover can be click by pressing on the overhead panel. I think the clickspot for the switch needs increased a little and the window blind click spot altered so you must actually be clicking the window. No big deal but something to resolve in a future patch if possible. One other thing, I notice in approaches when using a lot of yoke input to fight winds and turbulence (approach to BIKF recently in crosswinds, the yoke seems to have quite a bit of a delay during aggressive inputs. If I rock my stick left and right fast enough, the yoke in the plane is delayed enough to be opposite of my input. I check the calibration and it seems fine, checked with other aircraft (smaller GA) and there is a delay but nowhere near as much. The delay in joystick cal page is zero so XP sees the stick in exactly the position it is no matter how fast I move it. I just wonder if this is deliberately done to simulate the delay in move the real aircraft yoke, or maybe it's done to give the impression of the mass and intertia of a real 737 when flying this way, or it's a limit of the code or XP interface. Looking at some really aggressive yoke control on youtube, 738 I think, it seems the yoke can be flung around really fast and I guess the real ac has no delay between input and control surface. Cheers Iain