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  1. inboard landing lights

    Maybe, never noticed this myself, you should probably wait for the 1.21 patch to come out very soon then check again.
  2. 1.21

    Before the end of the week
  3. Takeoff Config Warning on 2nd takeoff

    I have done a few flights recently where I took off not long after landing, one was a training flight where I basically turned at the end of the runway, configured for takeoff and took off straight away, no takeoff warning, so it must be one of the items listed by mfor rather than a bug.
  4. Screenshot Thread

    Looking great all, here are some of my recent flights, I switched to cargo flights, just for fun, enjoying flying between all the European Hubs, Lux, Liege, East Midlands, Paris, using X-Life with ATC has really made this aircraft and sim come to life, great flight to Linz recently, loving this aircraft, would love a dedicated cargo version, but this does for now.
  5. Roadmap

    Pretty sure the 737-Freighter is going to be released next
  6. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Try about 6000ft higher!
  7. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    The water texture is XP11 is really terrible, looks like patch work pattern. Surely it can’t be overlooked, considering FSX is ancient and has probably 100 textures to choose from. Otherwise good news, good to see progress!
  8. X-Plane 11.10 beta is close

    Contrails Ground effect bug Water textures Any news on them?
  9. Looks great Tom, will test it out next week when I'm back from holiday, got a feeling my flights are going to get much more interesting!
  10. number of passengers and cargo weight

    I guess it's similar, your descriptions are more well known, but it doesn't help when a morning business route is quiet due to summer holidays etc. In that case, you need so many descriptions to describe various flight scenarios. I still think a slider for PAX and Cargo would be good, with a more accurate description or actual figures along with a description. For example, if I move the slider from packed to extreme, is this realistic in real life, is extreme basically 148 seats full, and packed is....145?? Telling someone the flight was packed implies that it was full. For cargo weights the same, we can guess approx luggage weights, but what about airline cargo that may be loaded. Next flight: Boston - Edinburgh - 2670nm (let the winds blow!)
  11. number of passengers and cargo weight

    I would love a seat layout but that takes a lot of time and effort. Why not ditch the ZFW menu options of empty, average, busy, packed, extreme. These are very vague and not commonly used terms. I fly every month, Basel-UK, my wife asks how busy the flight was, I often say average, which means it was full....as it is always full so thats average. I would never say the flight was extreme! Why not have the slider be a simple PAX counter, left is zero, right is 148 (or whatever full is, I use 148) and have 148 increments, simple and accurate and quick to implement.
  12. Exploited unit converted to cargo

    Believe it or not, I watched this video a few nights ago, then went on FR24 to search the reg, it was in the air, turning finals for landing, I think it was Southampton in the UK, looks like it was on it's final leg of that flight, probably via Greenland or Iceland. I wasn't sure if it was a freighter getting retired for parts, or if it was going there to get converted. And with some luck, I found a 737 Max 8 flying from KSEA to ENTO yesterday, 4000nm, I was slightly puzzled and how it could fly that far, then realised it was a delivery flight, two good catches in a space of a few days. A Cargo 737 variant would be no.1 on my wish list, come on, can't be too hard to do Jan!
  13. Missing / wrong sounds and other things

    Hi Matt I use a payware addon called XP Realistic. It does all the sound and effects you want, for all your addon aircraft. It is highly adjustable so you can tune them to your liking. For the 737, I enable the ground roll effect (type of nose, rattles and squeaks can be adjusted, cockpit shake can be adjusted), front wheel well rumble (think IXEG simulate this anyway), wind noise, again, 5 different types of noise can be selected and choose any volume, flap drag rumble, speed brake rumble, turbulence, touch down effect etc etc etc. Each noise can be simulated at any time so you can have it all setup before flight.
  14. Real flights, I didn't realise you were still active. You won't be piloting a -300 I bet! All I see on FR24 are A320 or similar on the FRA route.