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  1. Super27


    Having flown the B734 IRL, this is the best handling I have ever seen for any Boeing in X-Plane. Great job with the flight model!
  2. Super27

    X Plane 11 Beta9

    Hi, I have tried version 1.3 of the IXEG 733 in both XP11.41 and in XP11.50b9 with Vulkan. Worked great in both versions. If you have a dual XP installation, you will have to activate the 733 in both installations separately and update the FMS database. I use Navigraph with the Navigraph FMC data manager for this. Hope this helps, Werner
  3. Super27

    Scroll wheel support

    Hi, Found one more item. The V/S wheel on the MCP does not have a mouse scroll wheel function either. Thanks for looking into it! Werner
  4. Super27

    Thrust reverser lever animation...

    Hi Jan, No worries! The T/R themselves operate correctly in my installation. It is only the animation of the levers. As long as I pull both reversers, nobody will notice.
  5. Super27

    Scroll wheel support

    Hi, During my first flight with the new version, noticed that the orange bugs on both ASIs cannot be moved using the mouse scroll wheel. Would be nice if this could be implemented. Thanks! Werner
  6. Super27

    Thrust reverser lever animation...

    Hi, Thank you for the update! Just took the 733 v1.3 for a first spin in VR. Noticed that when pulling only the no.2 T/R lever that both no.2 and no. 1 T/R levers move up, but only no. 2 engine goes into reverse. On the other hand, when pulling only no.1 T/R lever, the no.1 engine does go into reverse, but the T/R levers remain in the forward thrust position. Seems the is a bug with the animation of the T/R levers. Would be nice if you could look into it. Thanks! Werner
  7. Super27

    Scroll wheel support

    Hi, First of all a big Thank you for the new update! Love the mouse wheel scroll function, but it seems that the direction of rotation is indeed opposite to all other aircraft in X-Plane. Would be nice if the devs could take care of it. Thanks!
  8. Super27

    Two problems(one)

    Just about finished updating the flight model for the "new experimental flight model"... Cheers, Jan Awesome! Can’t wait for the release. Vielen Dank!
  9. Hi, I also use a switch on my Saitek throttles to operate the speedbrakes and have it programmed as follows: on the throttle switch T3, I use “Speedbrakes extend one” on the throttle switch T4, I use “Speedbrakes retract one” Try these commands on your setup and see if this works for you. Hope this helps, Werner
  10. Super27

    Mouse wheel

    Hi, The mouse scroll function is my number one item on the wishlist for improving this awesome airplane. @quijoteBTW, the zoom function of the mouse wheel in VR works when the the mouse cursor is NOT on a click spot, i.e. most of the time. Only when the cursor is on a click spot, the scroll function is enabled. See Laminar default aircraft, FF 757/767, zibo 738, FJS 727/732, Carenado products, etc. They all moved to mouse wheel scrolling. The lack of mouse wheel scrolling is the main reason why I leave the IXEG in the hangar. Click and drag was okay in XP10. Today I fly in VR with XP11, and there click and drag is just too cumbersome when under the hmd because it is really difficult to make fine adjustments.
  11. Super27

    737-300 Classic engine exhaust animation

    Hi Jan, it may be a somewhat crude remedy, but at least the dust or water spray from the wheels is still there. BTW, I do not use X-Enviro at the moment. Switched to ASXP. The excessive spray is definitely an X-Plane thing. Seems that Austin loves to go overboard with his effects. All the best, Werner
  12. Super27

    737-300 Classic engine exhaust animation

    Hi, This is not a problem with X-Enviro, but with X-Plane 11 itself. It can be fixed quite easily in PlaneMaker for every aircraft. Open X-Plane 11 PlaneMaker and look for the IXEG 737 Classic. There highlight B733.acf and then click Open Aircraft. Wait until the 733 has loaded. Then go to Expert. In Expert click on Invisible Parts. There scroll to the bottom to Disable X-Plane's Built-in Effects! and remove the tick marks at Use X-Plane's buit-in wing heat effects and Use X-Plane's built-in downwash/prop wash effects. Save the file and you are done. You will have to reload the aircraft (including art if using Developer) to see the result. Hope this helps, Werner
  13. Super27


    Hi, After a long time I just flew the 733 again, this time in VR. Truly a great aircraft. But.... What was really apparent was the lack of mouse wheel scrolling. The XP10 style of grab and pull is even more difficult in VR and really outdated by today's standards. Hopefully mouse wheel scrolling will be implemented at the next update, if there ever is one. Sorta lost my hope in that respect.
  14. Super27

    Version 1.21 causes X-Plane to crash

    Found the simplest fix of them all. Downloaded and installed the aircraft one more time and all is well. Thank you all for trying to help me out! All the best, Werner
  15. Super27

    Version 1.21 causes X-Plane to crash

    Hi Morten, Yes, I have X-Plane 11.11r2 (build111101 64 bit) running on Windows 10.