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  1. I think there is a bug in 10.50 to do with wind. I've witnessed this in other aircraft where the aircraft is swaying.
  2. joers182

    Performance Calculation

    Toper is alright but 80% of the time it just gives me a derate of 67 for a flap 5 take off.
  3. joers182

    Black clouds at dusk

    thanks very much for the reply! I just enabled extended DSF in the rendering options of xplane, and it seems to look right now. Thanks again.
  4. joers182

    Black clouds at dusk

    Hey Guys, love the fantastic product and like new update. However I'm getting some very dark/black clouds during dusk. I will attach a screenshot to show you what I mean. Is this normal? its really doesnt look good. Apart from that excellent product!
  5. joers182

    Preflight Turn around State

    ah ok! thanks Jan.
  6. Hey again, I wasn't sure what catagory to put this under so thought I'd ask here, is anyone having a bug with the turn around state selected in the preflight menu?. Basically its hit and miss for me, sometimes it works and others it doesn't. When i set it to turn around state and reboot gizmo, none of the screens are lit and there is a constant warning horn or buzzer sounding also the over head panel lights seem to flicker. Anyone else had this issue? if i switch it back to cold and dark and reboot gizmo the aircraft works fine. But I have had the turn around state work fine before. Its strange. Cheers, Joe
  7. joers182

    Controller Settings

    Thanks Jan! I knew it had to be in there somewhere, I did skim through but missed it. Appreciate your help Joe
  8. joers182

    Controller Settings

    Hey, I was wondering how everyone has their controller settings set up int he x-plane options. sensitivity etc. I was digging around the forum and found this post which states the team has some suggested controller settings, however I'm unable to find them in the documentaion. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!, Joe
  9. joers182

    Logo Light

    I had the same problem. Now I know why any idea why they didn't have them with the winglets? Edit it I just read the answer in the other thread!
  10. joers182

    Creating Ortho4XP Scenery

    Thanks for the info. I do indeed direct ortho4xp to the hd mesh files to retrieve the overlay data. Such a great tool. I will continue to make my photo scenery and then remove hd mesh from the areas I've replaced. Thanks again.
  11. Hey All, Pretty new to this forum and X-plane. I've got a question regarding creating photo scenery. Hope this is in the right section. I've previously downloaded HD mesh V3 and UHD mesh for x-plane which i've installed and overwritten the standard scenery with. I've now learnt how to use Ortho4XP and my word does the photoreal look great!. I noticed that ortho4xp creates the mesh aswell. So what should I do when I create the photo scenery for areas that are already covered by HD mesh v3 and UHD mesh?. I'm not really sure I should keep both meshes? Can anyone give any advice? Thanks, Joe
  12. joers182

    Rnav Approaches

    Thanks for clearing that up! Such a wealth of information about operating this aircraft. I'm trying to take it all in
  13. joers182

    IXEG 737-300 Meets the Alps

    Nice Shots Josh, your sim always looks top notch! What zoom level do you use when you create photo scenery? I'm in the process of doing Socal.
  14. Hey All, I was doing an RNAV approach in the 733 the other day and it suddenly occurred to me, if I remember correctly the 738 NGX draws a 'fake' glide slope on the PFD when you hit the APP button on the MCP during an RNAV approach. Does the 733 behave in the same way? Joe
  15. joers182

    Derate calculating?

    Oh nice, I didn't realise they did one for the 737. I have the one for the 777, I think i might grab that cheers