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  1. joers182

    Descent tips

    Hi Folks, Whats the recommended way to descend in this bird? I like to use idle descent in the big jets obviously, however when I select -2000fpm on the vnav profile, i find myself having to keep a bit of power in to hold the speed. What method are you guys using? idle descent with FLCH or VNAV?
  2. joers182

    Top of Decent in 1 minute and voice warning

    +1 I was watching some videos on using the G1000 and i noticed that the real thing had this and it is vital for awareness that TOD is coming up. I hope this can be implemented. Joe
  3. joers182

    [SOLVED-Reported to Laminar] G1000 Timer-

    I've also noticed this. It just goes back to 0 and continues counting after 60 minutes. the hours never register.
  4. joers182

    Controller Sensitivities and Stability

    I'm actually starting to get reasonably comfortable with the rudder control now even at 0. I've learnt to use quiet quick sharp movements rather than big slow inputs otherwise your constantly chasing yourself.
  5. joers182


    Excellent. Great news
  6. joers182


    A small little detail but it would be pretty cool if it could be implemented. Upon watching on the the real world start up tutorials on the TBM I noticed that when the timer button on the yoke is pressed, the timer dialog on the PFD automatically pops up if its not showing. Where as in the sim you have to press the time/ref button on the pfd to show it even if you use the timer button on the yoke. Joe
  7. joers182

    Hot start and flooded engine [PROCEDURE]

    I'd imagine you have to motor the engine to get cool air flowing through it and pump the fuel out. The motoring checklist can be found on the G1000.
  8. joers182

    TBM 900 Sound

    Thats interesting to know Cameron, Thanks for your response. I never realized the sounds were tied to the volume sliders in the sim. I will definitely experiment with them. Like I say I was definitely not disappointed with the interior sounds and I've never been in a real TBM so I have nothing to compare them to.
  9. joers182

    TBM 900 Sound

    The exterior sounds sound very good to me. I must agree, In my opinion there is room for improvement on the interior sounds. From watching videos on youtube of real world start ups in the TBM the interior sounds in the sim are lacking in some respects. But I wouldn't go as far as saying they are bad. They do the job.
  10. joers182

    CTD after take off in climb

    Hey guys, Currently on version 1.07, did my pre flight and took off, was climbing out at aroun 12000 feet and I had xplane CTD on me. Not sure if it was tbm related I couldn't pull anything from the event viewer. All I could pull up was the last bit of my log file.
  11. joers182

    Rudder sensitivity

    One thing that helps is to put in full power very smoothly, makes it much more controllable. Thats my findings anyway. I had difficulty at first.
  12. So as above, what settings are you guys using in Xplane for Controller sensitivity and stability augmentation for the TBM? I'm using a logitech 3d pro joystick and saitek rudder pedals. Anyone with a similar set up? if so what settings are you using? Thanks, Joe
  13. joers182

    Noob question Hobbs

    Many thanks! I'll check it out
  14. joers182

    Noob question Hobbs

    Hi guys, Congrats on the release of the aircraft! A quick question, where is the hobbs meter located on the TBM?
  15. I think there is a bug in 10.50 to do with wind. I've witnessed this in other aircraft where the aircraft is swaying.