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  1. @Cameron Why would he need to provide an order number to form this opinion? It's a broad statement I know but your request for an order number and revelation about his lack of purchase is not something of interest to anyone reading this thread. If you know he's trolling, lock the thread and just move on.
  2. Just wondering what should the MCP alt be set at if you want to continue with the VNAV path?
  3. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 30th

    Keen to hear more technical updates if IXEG are willing to discuss.
  4. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 30th

    I did, 30th of January progress update; sorry I was probably updating my post a little more when you sent this. I added about the fact that we've had many updates as commentssince 30th January but they are hidden within threads and it would take anyway a lot of pain by abstracting them out into new thread. EG the last updateon 8th March.
  5. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 30th

    Cool, so you would like an update too. I read this forum every day and see people constantly asking for updates;I also see the IXEG guys and others asking people to wait or stop asking for updates.If I were them I would be over the moon that people are asking and would be sad to see excited fans being shot down for their enthusiasm. I know IXEG do give updates to many of the requests here within a thread, I'm not saying they don't update enough.The problem is that everyone doesn't have time or can't possibly ready every post in every thread for an update. So when someone asks for feedback and IXEG responds or when a team member takes 5 minutes out to discuss a bug or scenario, can I suggest a new thread is always created so that it is easy to find and accessibleto people who jump in and out of these forums? Lets say for example I asked for feedback in this comment right now:someone from IXEG might respond below saying "Yep I have an update today and here it is at this new thread" or they or anyone could easily and politely respond "no update today but here's the last update". I think this would be much easier than people joking and moaning because someones missed a 8th March update 10pages down a 11page thread titled "Progress Update - 1st December".
  6. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 30th

    I mean who wouldn't?
  7. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 30th

    Yidahoo I'm sure you'dlove an update too
  8. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 22nd

    @Cameron Cool good to know, yes 2 weeks would be a very short beta!
  9. IXEG 737 Progress Update - January 22nd

    Ok so no date for release yet but I'm interested to know;when you've completed your backlog for the first release, will you release straight away or will you spend some time marketing and planning a release?