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  1. Hiya, Thanks Tony
  2. Heavy Metal - IXEG 737-300 Malaysia Airlines

    I'll take and use it Many Thanks Tony
  3. Weird cockpit textures

    Hiya's, I had the same problem when i messed up a while ago with an xp11 beta, i didn't back up my aircraft folder and got caught up with a somewhat broken beta install lol For me the fix was as Morten suggested ................. I had two installs (still no idea how i messed up that badly hehe) Also i don't think it had any bearing on the problem, but i hadn't copied my X-Aviation folder over fully Hope that makes sense Hope you sort it Have Fun Tony
  4. thirty one minutes and counting I'll be there Tony
  5. ruscenery download

    Try this, just look a short distance down and you'll see v2.1.6 Tony
  6. Skymaxx Pro Roadmap

    Go Team Go hehe We wait patiently Frank Have Fun Tony
  7. Preordered x-plane 11

    Hiya, Yes there was a Pre-Order option as i used it If i recall correctly, i got a serial number via email Can't find the contact/email but i sure have the S/N Check your records regarding card used for purchase would be my first step to obtain proof I must of done my usual safety thing by saving and encrypting the S/N and backing up with good old pen n paper, then shredded the email The pre-order was on xp11's site, i try to link it ........ Obviously the wording has changed now as it's in beta From what i hear the CS phone service is decent Hope that helps Good Luck Tony
  8. Heavy Metal - IXEG Hainan Airlines B733 B-2579

    Hiya, Thankyou Looks real nice Cheers Tony
  9. XP 11 flight model [status]

    I agree Tom, Keep up the good work indeed It's nice to be kept in the loop (up to date) as to what's going on I personally think posts like this help products in the long run and the short term for that matter, set your stall out to speak for everyone to see No doubt it'll be worth the wait All The Best Good Luck Have Fun Tony
  10. CTD caused by SMP4

    Vram i'd guess Frank meant mainly, i could be wrong Vram can be the be all and end all regarding a lot of x-plane glitches Also, as weather/ground-clutter conditions etc change, you can go from a healthy 2gb un-used to borderline/maxed out, i'd suggest testing somewhere dense like L.A or NY with real good ole British Summer Weather, ya know, totally filled sky with clouds and howling down with rain sleet or snow lol, then make adjustments if needed to your actual xp and smp settings so you have some overhead once done My 1080 can get maxed pretty fast lol, roll on 16gb+ Gpu's Tony
  11. Hiya Kyle, Lost in translation i guess, i guess it's how we say stuff over this side of the pond ......... By a late nighter, i meant, i'm gonna be up late that night enjoying the stream Tony
  12. Niceone Be a late nighter for me then across the pond hehe Cheers Have Fun Tony
  13. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    teofilo, I've not messed with flattening rwys in xp11 I must admit i do like the effect at KSEA for example If i run into good sceneries that require flat rwys then maybe i'll mess It's a known item in xp11, they've been working on kinda 'melding' tyre/weight/force/grip or whatever you want to term it, they'll no doubt get it right before final or maybe even rc release cmbaviator, I'd hazard a guess that the new effects regarding flight dynamics etc are still a wip, i've not tested per say, but i'm thinking along the same lines as drag isn't as much as previously, again though, beta and all that, i like to think they'll have a more polished rc or final, and then like in 10, they will continue to update as time progresses (amazing if they didn't going on their track record) I have seen a post or two here and more on the org about the drag or lack thereof Best just roll with the flow err betas, and no doubt it'll all get worked out decently Have Fun Tony
  14. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Hiya, Ahh, another addict is born ....... I can help on the sliding The easiest way to 'fix' the sliding is start the plane on the runway in xp's options It's a bug to do with xp11 not the plane Have Fun Tony
  15. 30 FPS w/IXEG 737 no matter what...

    3d settings/manage 3d settings/global or/and program settings/vertical sync, in there check adaptive half rate refresh isn't the chosen option For what it's worth i've found in xp11, threaded optimisation at auto does the same in my case as having it turned off or on, just in case you use xp11 beta Also, if you've messed with nvidiainspector, check there too Tony