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  1. First official XP11 screenshot

    Looks great! Really...thanks for sharing
  2. ILS setup

    Great tutorial I have to me a lot to learn fly IXEG beauty
  3. Gizmo update [May 2017]

    Can I ask if Gizmo is automatically updated when IXEG 1.1 will be avaialble or do I need to perform any specific update?. I'm a bit confused about that
  4. IXEG 737-300 Flows document

    Thanks for sharing
  5. vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Thanks a lot
  6. Thanks Tom, really interesting script..thanks for sharing
  7. A Dedicated Thank You!!

    Well said...totally agree!. I just start X-Plane to fly IXEG aircraft...not only for the great model but also for what Jan & Co. make it a real thing
  8. XP 11 flight model [status]

    Really a great news....can't wait to fly IXEG 737 in XP-11 in all its glory
  9. vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Thanks a lot Tom...really a great addition for IXEG 737
  10. vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Tom, just a question. Using latest XP10 and updated FlyWithLua to 2.4.4.b, installed the IXEG script I see a sentence in the upper right corner of the display sayins "Lua Stopped" What's wrong? Thanks
  11. vSpeed callouts for IXEG 733 - LUA Script

    Excellent! Thanks for sharing
  12. Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    So great! It's outstanding to see such level of details
  13. Aerobridge-LJPZ

    Great scenery...I really hope to get new airports like this one.
  14. CSL

    Really thanks
  15. Now over 300 liveries!!!

    Congrats to all artists and thanks to IXEG for the great plane