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  1. https://www.thresholdx.net/news/fixegs The Gdrive link appears to now be dead, says the file is in the users trash. Anyone still have this tucked away somewhere?
  2. Thanks very much for the continued work on the 733. I am excited to see the further developments going forward.
  3. I haven't been able to reproduce it yet myself, but I'll keep trying. P/GVA is, I believe, the Delta Virtual Airlines ACARS program. It's the only thing I have running that would be pulling position reports as far as I know.
  4. currently screen capping this issue in real time as I fly -- I was configuring some things in the menu and I can't remember what I clicked -- it may have been to hide the menu. When I did so, the yoke disappeared, the slider bar on the yoke height setting disappeared, and now the forward panel appears to be a click spot -- 2nd screenshot included showing the mouse cursor as an example -- that disconnects the autopilot so I can't click anything. autopilot panel + pedestal seem to be fine, click spot wise. Any ideas? Log.txt
  5. That video is helpful, Jan. I'll practice with it some more today to see if it will make sense in real time now.
  6. So, speed trim matches what I'm seeing based on when I'm seeing it, but either I wasn't paying attention pre 1.30 when I was flying the 733 or something is different. Is this a new addition? I haven't flown it since the first half of 2019 so perhaps its just bad memory. It makes that whole first phase of flight very awkward for me now in a way I don't remember. Based on your description then, as I take off and am in the process of cleaning up and accelerating, speed trim is going to be putting in nose up trim as I accelerate because it wants me to maintain the old speed. What is the purpo
  7. Using 1.3 in 11.41 with experimental flight model on and beta Gizmo selected. Basically, when trying to hand fly, autopilot fully off, I have uncommanded pitch trim that does not stop. I've double checked my inputs and do not believe I have any axis assignments or conflicting controls that are causing this. It seems to stop if I put pitch up or pitch down commands with the yoke, but resumes when in neutral. I didn't know the -300s had MCAS
  8. Same here, does make some for some awkward brain-reversing when trying to change settings
  9. Hey Jan -- thanks for all that info. Can you expand a little more on waiting for XP12 to patch the FMS? That seems like something that could be a very long ways off, so I must admit to a pang of frustration reading that the FMS update won't be expected until then. Is this because there's an equivalent amount of time needed to actually fix it, or because you guys don't think the FMS is fixable in 11.XX?
  10. I definitely struggle with finding a happy place for the pitch axis. It's too sensitive with the default response curve and sensitivity/augmentation settings. I find the pitch generally too sharp/sensitive and also the aircraft seems to want snap back do it's previous pitch angle after making an adjustment. The pitch trim also seems to input too great a change for one click of the trim. Everything else feels pretty good, I think. I'd love to get the pitch handling confidence in the TBM that I have in something like the KA350.
  11. The white dot mod definitely helps, but I still find the switches hard to find, even in daylight unless there's direct light on the panel. The lower left hand switches for anti-icing, etc in particular is hard to read in the dark. I have the white flashlight bound to a key and even with that on they seem to just not be that reflective.
  12. I'm curious what users are finding successful as far as optimizing the pitch axis goes. I've been using the attached response curve, as the default curve is way too pitchy for me. With that, I'm not getting the kind of fine pitch control I want near the center, and I don't like that it cuts off half the response range of the elevators. Like I said, curious what others are using. Thanks!
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