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  1. Hello everyone, How settings you use for graphic card GTX 970? Please screenshots if you have. Thank you. M.
  2. Martin D.

    IXEG 737 Wont update to 1.0.7

    Same problem. Any solution? Martin.
  3. Martin D.

    Autobrakes - RTO

    Thank you. Sorry for spam. M.
  4. Martin D.

    Autobrakes - RTO

    Hello IXEG team, i have problem with autobrakes RTO during taxing. Before taxi i set RTO autobrakes, but when i use during taxi regular brake, RTO pilot light is on. On screenshot. I must autobrakes off and then autobrakes on position RTO and works fine. Thank you. Martin. Sorry for my english.
  5. Martin D.

    External lights

    Thank you. M.
  6. Hello, can i help me with lighting on B733. How is procedures for specific lights during different phases(taxing, on runway etc.)? which light have i use. when i walk into the aircraft? when i preparing aircraft? before start up? after start up/before taxi? taxi? before taxi on the runway/before take off? after take off/after passing 10 000ft? Cruise? Descent/after passing 10 000ft? Short final? After landing/vacated runway? Shuting down? Thank you very much. Martin.
  7. Martin D.

    IXEG 737 Classic Release Announcement

    Pre-order possible?
  8. Martin D.

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - March 12th

    OK. Im sorry. Martin.
  9. Martin D.

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - March 12th

    Thank you for your report. Good news. Do you need to final testing some "normal" users? For testing VNAV etc.
  10. Martin D.

    IXEG 737 Progress Update - December 1st

    Hello IXEG team, How were the results. You have to end testing or you will continue? As you can see the release of version 1? Soon, very soon, today? Have a nice time. Martin.
  11. Martin D.

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Yes. But not meybe.
  12. Martin D.

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Hello everyone, February 24. 1984(i think) the first flight of the Boeing 737-300. Will this release date IXEG? :-P What IXEG team? Have a nice weekend Martin.
  13. Martin D.

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    A little bit I was hoping today would be. Never mind. So next year.
  14. Martin D.

    Official IXEG forum now open!

    Will be release in 2015? Any informations, news only? From morning watching eagerly forum and your website. Martin.
  15. Martin D.

    Will This Be Sold At X-Aviation?

    Yes. X-aviation.