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  1. Switched off all plugins except Gizmo before loading the 733, see at picture what happened... Best Steff
  2. Any idea what this can be. Can´t use this aircraft anymore... Best Steff
  3. HI, after setting Cold and Dark I had to reload the aircraft. see picture what happened.. Best Steff
  4. PROG Page ETA

    Okay, thanks for jumping in... -:) Steff
  5. PROG Page ETA

    1.2 XP11 Progress page ETA at Destination wrong. T/O at EDXW at 1257z ETA ESSA 0912z Distance 456 nms. Someone else has this ? Best Steff
  6. Pushback issue solution checked and confirmed, no problem at all. What about the PROG Page issue ? Best Steff
  7. 1.2 XP11 Progress page ETA at Destination wrong, as before. T/O at EDXW at 1257z ETA ESSA 0912z Distance 456 nms. Pushback just straight Best Steffen
  8. After FMC entry..

    Hi Jan, thanks for your reply. Understood and waiting for the update !! Best Steff
  9. After FMC entry..

    Flight WADD - WADA entry of dest RWY, this occurs... See pic Best Steff
  10. Crash at any time

    Okay Morten, so I was right in my mind. It depends on RC2. Thanks for the info... Steff
  11. Crash at any time

    Same here, always after loading the plane or any input in FMC.. See attached.. Best Steff Using XP10.50RC2 GizmoLog.txt
  12. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    Yeah Guys, there was a hope... but on my side still have the stutters down to about 8 fps.. Sorry... Best Steff
  13. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    Hi guys, I was away from my Computer for two days, did I miss something new in this case ? Best Steff
  14. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    What I have to tell is, thats really good how he conversation here runs !! Great to read all the kind stuff here. And to make it clear: I for myself agree fully with Ubbi: Its not a joybreaker it just disturbs a bit, and I am sure the IXEG guys will find and fix. I am very patient and a bit proud that I could support this project with my purchase. Thanks again.. Steff
  15. [FAQ] Stutter/Performance Hit

    Hi guys, me again with some new shots: First: Plugin Folder empty, Gizmoz resetted afterwards Second: Data ouput, still the same as with plugins. Third: GPU load test window, seems okay My system is: Win 7 Pro, SP1, Intel Core i7 CPU X 990@3.47Ghz, 24,0GB RAM, NVidia GeForce GTX 970 Hope this helps a bit to find the reason for the stutter... Best Steff