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  1. Hi IXEG team, I would love to have the datarefs for the external lights (landing lights, strobes, taxi lights, nav, beacon) accessible as custom commands in the X-Plane interface, like you already did with many of them (MCP controls etc.). Perhaps you could sneak that in one of the next updates? I know that I could map these DRs to buttons using XJoyMap or FlyWithLua, but I don't want to install those plugins just for a handful of commands in one plane, and I like to have as few X-Plane Plugins as possible to avoid issues. Thank you!
  2. What did you fly today?

    Took the IXEG 1.2 for a short ride from Reno/Tahoe Intl. to Fresno today.
  3. install error

    You could also try right-clicking on the installer and select "run as administrator". This can help despite the fact that you are already logged in as an admin.
  4. To IXEG - a roadmap?

    So the 747-400 it is. Great. Any updates? Will it have wingflex?
  5. What did you fly today?

    The new vFlyteAir Piper PA30 near KPSP.
  6. Unable CRZ ALT

    The unable crz alt warning usually doesn't mean that the plane isn't technically able to reach that altitude with the current W&B, CI etc., but that the FMC finds the route too short to make it to that altitude. If you are sure that you planned everything correctly, you can just ignore that message.
  7. Take Command! Saab 340A v1.4 Update Released!

    Thank you very much LES and XA! Can't wait to take her for a ride!
  8. 737-300 autopilot question

    See here:
  9. Xplane 10.50

    I fly the 733 in 10.51 without any version-related issues.
  10. Dealing with STARs in real life

    You can always enter an assumed STAR and change it if you get a different approach. Usually, there aren't too many to choose from given your route and the active runway, which won't change too frequently on shorter flights. But it also depends on the country you fly in. In the US, SIDs and STARs are filed with the flight plan afaik.
  11. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Well, the final version of X-Plane 11 will probably be something like 11.5X in four or-so years. Many changes to the general sim, the flight model etc. till then (just like it was from 10.00 to 10.52), and probably many additional patches and updates needed which will all take their time. So no need to get exited about an update for 10.00, many more are here to come.
  12. EDIT: Sorry, double post
  13. Yes, they will cover more (6,784) airports after the switch. However, Argentina as well as NZ are already covered. Here is a list of all AG and NZ airports within the current package:
  14. Navigraph switches from LIDO to Jeppesen for it's charts and AIRACs. This seems to not only add quite a few airports to the charts DB, but also introduce some new features.
  15. What is the next IXEG?

    Cut them some slack. Let them do a universal wingflex plugin. The Baron 58 desperately needs wingflex. A lot of it. And the Skyhawk also seems a little stiff to me.