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  1. New soundpack for FSLabs

    IDK. I have the FSL A320, but never really got around to fly it more than two or three times, and I don't care too much about sounds. Looking forward to the FF A320. Luckily, I'm color blind, so all the cockpit color discussions don't bother me in the slightest.
  2. New soundpack for FSLabs

    They don't need it, they just want it. People (we) don't need complex scenery addons or study level aircraft, because we don't even remotely make use of all the features. But it adds to the immersion, and that's of course a very big aspect in flight simming.
  3. FMC bug? No fuel estimate for dest in PROG page

    PROG pages are still WIP and not really usable/useful at the moment.
  4. XP11 IXEG733 Fire inside the Cockpit?

    This can happen in any aircraft if you have X-Plane's random failures enabled. If it was/is the case, then you can also fix it "on the fly" by clicking on "fix all systems" (or similar) in the failures menu.
  5. 733 long haul

    You could do the famous United flight 154 a.k.a. the "Island Hopper". If you read the Airways magazine, there is a very nice article on it in the current issue. United flies it with a 738, but anyway... the route goes HNL-MAJ-KWA-KSA-PNI-TKK-GUM.
  6. Steering issue with Warthog

    Although you could use X-Plane's combined aileron & rudder control (which is automatically applied when yuo don't have an axis assigned to yaw), i would just keep on using the 16000M side by side with the Warthog, in case you didn't already sell it or gave it away. You can use the twist or roll axis of the 16000M for yaw and assign pitch and roll to the Warthog. You would also gain some additional buttons to assign when using both sticks together. Best thing of course would be to get some rudder pedals.

    You can get the latest version here (registration required): IDK if there is a place where one can download the latest builds without needing to register.
  8. The A310-300 Project

    Looks great!
  9. Xplane 11?

    You can also see this from another angle: people find your addons so great, that they simply can't wait to get their hands on an update for XP11 and tend to run hot in the process.
  10. Hi IXEG team, I would love to have the datarefs for the external lights (landing lights, strobes, taxi lights, nav, beacon) accessible as custom commands in the X-Plane interface, like you already did with many of them (MCP controls etc.). Perhaps you could sneak that in one of the next updates? I know that I could map these DRs to buttons using XJoyMap or FlyWithLua, but I don't want to install those plugins just for a handful of commands in one plane, and I like to have as few X-Plane Plugins as possible to avoid issues. Thank you!
  11. What did you fly today?

    Took the IXEG 1.2 for a short ride from Reno/Tahoe Intl. to Fresno today.
  12. install error

    You could also try right-clicking on the installer and select "run as administrator". This can help despite the fact that you are already logged in as an admin.
  13. To IXEG - a roadmap?

    So the 747-400 it is. Great. Any updates? Will it have wingflex?
  14. What did you fly today?

    The new vFlyteAir Piper PA30 near KPSP.
  15. Unable CRZ ALT

    The unable crz alt warning usually doesn't mean that the plane isn't technically able to reach that altitude with the current W&B, CI etc., but that the FMC finds the route too short to make it to that altitude. If you are sure that you planned everything correctly, you can just ignore that message.