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  1. Dealing with STARs in real life

    You can always enter an assumed STAR and change it if you get a different approach. Usually, there aren't too many to choose from given your route and the active runway, which won't change too frequently on shorter flights. But it also depends on the country you fly in. In the US, SIDs and STARs are filed with the flight plan afaik.
  2. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Well, the final version of X-Plane 11 will probably be something like 11.5X in four or-so years. Many changes to the general sim, the flight model etc. till then (just like it was from 10.00 to 10.52), and probably many additional patches and updates needed which will all take their time. So no need to get exited about an update for 10.00, many more are here to come.
  3. EDIT: Sorry, double post
  4. Yes, they will cover more (6,784) airports after the switch. However, Argentina as well as NZ are already covered. Here is a list of all AG and NZ airports within the current package:
  5. Navigraph switches from LIDO to Jeppesen for it's charts and AIRACs. This seems to not only add quite a few airports to the charts DB, but also introduce some new features.
  6. What is the next IXEG?

    Cut them some slack. Let them do a universal wingflex plugin. The Baron 58 desperately needs wingflex. A lot of it. And the Skyhawk also seems a little stiff to me.
  7. Pitch trim

    See this topic:
  8. Copied :-) But as edited, I figured that ther acutally is an iMac with the 6700K (it was the CPU that made me suspicious).
  9. EDIT: disregard, didn't know there was an iMac with the 6700K :-)
  10. Progress / plans of linux support

    Thanks for clarifying, Ben! If that means that I will be able to use the Saab and the IXEG with some additional work (and most likely unsupported in terms of Linux-specific issues), that's already more than I would have hoped!
  11. Progress / plans of linux support

    A flicker of hope for our fellow Linuxians? I am in the process of setting up a Linux machine (just to see how much I like it) which will also be running X-Plane. Would of course be nice to also get my XA planes running there in the forseeable future!
  12. Unsing TCP with Gizmo

    Thank you very much, Ben! That gives me an idea about how to proceed. I'll look into Python and see if I can learn the things needed to get a "TCP fetcher" plugin going within a reasonable timeframe.
  13. Unsing TCP with Gizmo

    I'm just starting out with Gizmo and my last programming attempts were in Java and long ago, so please bear with me when I'm using wrong or ambiguous terminology. Here's what I'm trying to achieve: There is a program running on a PC in the local network which is sending the values of various variables (e.g. lat, long, alt etc.) over TCP/IP as ASCII strings. Now I want to fetch those values and use them to change datarefs within X-Plane. Basically, X-Plane should act as a scenery generator, while the plane's position, velocities etc. are controlled by setting the relevant datarefs with Gizmo. Can I access data over TCP/IP with Gizmo as is? If not, would adding a LUA extension like LUASocket work (
  14. Isn't that already possible? Or was support for that format dropped? Don't know cause I never export routes form PFPX but just use it for planning and then enter them manually.
  15. What did you fly today?

    Some SMP v4 shots from today on my way back (KLAS-KSFO)