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  1. IXEG Flight Models Per Frame?

    2 is fine for normal planes and I think the IXEG flies just fine with that. I only use higher values for helicopters, where it helps with the constant fine control adjustments.
  2. MU-2 rolls left

    Could be a flaps failure due to overspeed (X-Plane function, can be turned off). Do you have flaps assigned to an axis? Try to un-assign that axis and use buttons or keys instead for a quick test. There are cases where flaps are not retracted fully even though the flaps lever on the hardware controls is in the fully up position.
  3. 1000 to level sound

    In the IXEG it's not livery-specific. The plane itswelf was modeled with some operator-specific items (as pretty much every plane out there has/had operator specific options).
  4. 1000 to level sound

    IIRC this is intentional and modeled after the real plane (at least in the Lufthansa variant), where the aural altitude alert is not triggered when the AP flies the plane and is about to intercept the altitude.
  5. Bombardier Challenger 300 v2 thoughts

    Well, the Challenger's roots go back to X-Plane 9 and although it was constantly updated and refined, it does show it's age visually to some degeree. That being said, it's still the best and most realistic bizjet in X-Plane. so I wouldn't think twice if you are into this kind of aircraft. It might still take some time for something equal or better to surface (e.g. thinking about the LES Citation).
  6. Version 1.5

    I get that people are exited about flying a fully functional 340 in XP11, I'm looking forward to that, too. But let's face it: We bought the plane as advertised for XP10. Neither LES nor X-Aviation is obligated to give us an update for XP11, let alone a free one. So with that in mind (and given the constant changes LR is introducing to XP11 all the time) we should just be patient. Constantly asking about when the update will be available to us won't speed up the process a single bit.
  7. Xponder panel graphics

    There should be a livery manager in the aircraft directory, so you don't need to re-run the installer in this case.
  8. Xponder panel graphics

    I believe it's actually preselected (being the base package) and just greyed out in order to not let the user de-select it by mistake.
  9. Aircraft Specifics

    1. PFPX profile tweaked to the last 0.01% - check 2. Austin decides to tweak a few parameters in X-Plane - check 3. Realizing that you burned 15.3 lbs more fuel than the PFPX loadsheet said - check Back to 1.
  10. 1.21

    Before the end! (Comes with a free towel).
  11. XP10 Cannot use CRS/HDG/GPS knobs etc

    I also had that error lately, and by switching off mouse wheel manipulators in the options I could at least finish the flight, so I suspect it has something to do with that. Unfortunately, I didn't save my logs but will do that next time if the error occurs again.
  12. G530 sids and stars

    The X-Plane 10 GNS does not support SIDs or STARs, only approaches. That functionality was added in X-Plane 11.
  13. Wont Start

    Did you just set the X-Plane option to start with engines running, or did you select the "Ready to Fly" state in the IXEG side menu (which is what you should do)?
  14. Simply stopped working

    Please have a look here:
  15. Gizmo is break after install beta 8.

    You second screenshot shows the marker.1 file still in place. Did you delete that also, as mentioned in the other topic?