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  1. mgeiss

    question on descent

    Iain already gave an elaborate answer, but here is a tl;dr of how I do descents depending on the situation: LVL CHG when I just can get down to the next altitude without needing to obey any restrictions on the way. E.g. when ATC says "descent and maintain XYZ". V/S when I want to reach the next altitude at a given point. E.g. when approaching an altitude restricion on a STAR or when ATC says "cross ABCDE at and maintain XYZ". V/S can also come in handy when there is a speed restriction coming along the way. E.g. you are going to descent through 10000ft and you want to keep descending at a reasonable rate while also needing bleed off speed, you could dial in -1000 ft/min and 250knots. When the plane has slowed down to 250, you could then switch over to LVL CHG to expedite the descent.
  2. mgeiss

    Fuel In Centre

    Hallo Jan, danke für die Klarstellung!
  3. mgeiss

    Fuel In Centre

    Fuel still get's drawn from the tanks with the pumps off. IIRC you can even start the engines (and fly) with all fuel pumps off, as fuel is feeded to them by gravity. The fuel pumps are needed to ensure positive pressure under all flight conditions.
  4. mgeiss

    Saving situation

    No, it's custom built into their respective plane control interfaces.
  5. mgeiss

    Saving situation

    The FF A320 and the Toliss A319 can do it, and it works suprisingly well.
  6. mgeiss

    Saving situation

    I would also love to see this implemented some time in the future. Since our twins were born, more often than not do I need to cancel a flight, so I began to make heavy use of the situation save/load function in the planes that come with it.
  7. mgeiss

    Saab 340 joystick problems

    You need to activate nose wheel steering by using the corresponding pushbutton on the tiller.
  8. Seems that the problem is only present with the latest (or later) version(s) of XPUIPC. Here a user was able to resolve it by reverting to the initial release: http://forums.x-pilot.com/forums/topic/14345-assigned-throttle-axes-dont-work/ Although the author's site seems to be down or under construction, there's an archived version available: https://web.archive.org/web/20171109165154/http://www.tosi-online.de/XPUIPC/XPUIPC.html
  9. Keep in mind that X-Plane 11 allows for aircraft-specific input profiles. It could be that you have accidentally assigned a profile to the IXEG which has no (or an incorrect) mapping of the throttle axis. Can you check if there are any profiles other than the default and if one of them is assigned to the IXEG? However, deleting the prefs should have taken care of this. But who knows...
  10. mgeiss

    Saab 340A ICAO identifier

    You can edit/add the ICAO identifier with a text editor to prevent unwanted changes by Plane Maker. The relevant line to edit/add in the .acf file is P acf/_ICAO SF34 If no P acf/_ICAO line is in the .acf, you need to add it between those two: P acf/_HUD_del_y 150.0 P acf/_ITT_is_C 0 (values may be different from Aircraft to aircraft) So that it looks like this for e.g. an B737-300 P acf/_HUD_del_y 150.0 P acf/_ICAO B733 P acf/_ITT_is_C 0
  11. mgeiss

    IXEG Flight Models Per Frame?

    2 is fine for normal planes and I think the IXEG flies just fine with that. I only use higher values for helicopters, where it helps with the constant fine control adjustments.
  12. mgeiss

    MU-2 rolls left

    Could be a flaps failure due to overspeed (X-Plane function, can be turned off). Do you have flaps assigned to an axis? Try to un-assign that axis and use buttons or keys instead for a quick test. There are cases where flaps are not retracted fully even though the flaps lever on the hardware controls is in the fully up position.
  13. mgeiss

    1000 to level sound

    In the IXEG it's not livery-specific. The plane itswelf was modeled with some operator-specific items (as pretty much every plane out there has/had operator specific options).
  14. mgeiss

    1000 to level sound

    IIRC this is intentional and modeled after the real plane (at least in the Lufthansa variant), where the aural altitude alert is not triggered when the AP flies the plane and is about to intercept the altitude.
  15. mgeiss

    Bombardier Challenger 300 v2 thoughts

    Well, the Challenger's roots go back to X-Plane 9 and although it was constantly updated and refined, it does show it's age visually to some degeree. That being said, it's still the best and most realistic bizjet in X-Plane. so I wouldn't think twice if you are into this kind of aircraft. It might still take some time for something equal or better to surface (e.g. thinking about the LES Citation).