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  1. sirtopper

    Version 2.0 feature request.

    Hi Tim013, my request is to be able to map the CTOT torque setting dial to an axis or button set. You can use the 'xJoyMap' - Joystick to Dataref mapping utility to assign both switches to a single joystick button. I use this utility for the exact same reason as well as few other mappings. It works great, if a little fiddly to set up. If you need help or my file just ask. Regards
  2. sirtopper

    Tyre Noise on Landing

    I am just wondering if there is any noise for the wheels touching down on a runway?
  3. sirtopper

    VR capabilities of Saab

    I am not concerned with constantly watching these gauges but I understand. You can see them and you can lean in to get a better look. With 1.5.1 under bright sunlight they do become difficult to read but I mentioned this in previous post. For me it’s the experience you feel while in VR while taxing and landing. My landings are so much better, centre line and touch down point, and more satisfying in VR than without. If you have the VR equipment it would be worth a try just to experience it. Tony
  4. sirtopper

    VR capabilities of Saab

    Hi Chase911, I am just wondering if you had any luck today with SAAB and VR?
  5. sirtopper

    VR capabilities of Saab

    Hi, I use the SAAB in VR quite a lot and love it. I tried the VR mod but I can quite happily fly in VR without it, so I removed it. I do all my pre flight in non VR then taxi and take off in VR. While on route I switch back to non VR. Once I am sorted for approach I switch back to VR for it along with the landing and taxi in. I do have a touch controller but don’t use it to manipulate the controls, only select menus and resetting view, would def recommend them though. I use the mouse in VR and it works on all switches I use for taxi, take off and landing. I use a Thrustmaster Warthog for main power levers and I have two axis on my Saitek Pro Flight TPM for condition levers. Hope this helps
  6. sirtopper

    Correct sequence of pushback and engine start?

    Great video and shows how they do it in reality. My only 2 cents is that in Xplane the GPU is placed on the right side of the aircraft. So I start the left engine first then remove the GPU. Would be interesting to know if this affects any systems? The main one would be the hydraulics, for steering and braking, but the pumps are electrical so cannot see any issues there.
  7. sirtopper

    1.5.1 Update Observations

    Thanks for the update, this is one of my favourite birds to fly in Xplane. I love to take off and land in VR and it works a treat for me. With the update to 1.5.1 I have a few observations 1) I am unable to select hundreds of feet only thousands using mouse. I have scroll wheel manipulator turned off. 2) The elevator trim goes very nose up during approach and landing. Never this high in version 1.5? 3) In VR the glass reflections are making it difficult to read under certain conditions, sunlight reflecting, is this something that can be turned off? I still have the problem that my engine will not always start after loading flight. Mainly my left as this is the first one I start and the then the right would start fine. I have to reload aircraft to fix issue. This was a problem in 1.5 as well. Thank you so much for continued work and support on this wonderful aircraft.
  8. sirtopper


    Thanks for this it works a treat.
  9. sirtopper


    I dont have these either maybe these are datarefs and not commands too?
  10. sirtopper


    Thanks Goran_M but these are for the actual starter not the ignition. I have these bound already and they work great .
  11. sirtopper


    Hi, I just wondered if there was a dataref that I could assign to a joystick button for ignition toggle switches?
  12. sirtopper

    Status Lights Visibility

    Hi, first off can I say this is my favourite plane at the moment in XP11. Just love short hops in her. I have had a couple of things which I am unable to 100% replicate like Engine will not start, always seems to be one as the other side starts, which appears to be no fuel flow. Nothing changes in hardware or panel settings but just will not start until I restart XP11. My autopilot seems to trim my elevators full up and I dont even have it engaged. only happened a couple of times. I see if I can understand these small problems more. Also I was unable to perform single engine taxis after one engine landing or just turning one off as I enter the gate. I made some plane maker adjustments and I now have this and very happy My question here is the status lights, if that's what they are called. As you can see the lights are visible at night but during the day they are not. Is there some filter over them that kills the colour? Many Thanks for a lovely add on for Xplane
  13. sirtopper

    IXEG 737 + Photoreal + RTH / :0

    Nice clouds what you using?
  14. sirtopper

    Ground Handling

    Hi thanks for the amazing updates 1.0.7 VNAV seems to be running well on my short flight route will see how it performs on a longer flight when I have more time. My question is regarding ground handling. During a runway back track taxi I started my turn around with my separate axis, my warthog throttle unit throttle friction control axis for my nose wheel steering. I find this works great. Now as I was performing the tight turn using the outside throttle a little I thought by applying the inside wheel brake a little it would help the turn. But that didn't happen, instead the aircraft just stopped as if both brakes where applied. Am I correct in thinking this is correct method? Many thanks Tony
  15. sirtopper


    Hi and thanks for the continued updates loving them. I have a thing happening with my auto throttle. While hand flying the last few hundred feet I disengage the auto pilot and deselect speed on the MCP for manual throttle control. I match up the ghost throttles and attempt to land. During my speed adjustments I notice that MCP speed button has re-lit and so have I have press it again to disengage speed mode. Match ghost throttles and try again. This happened at least 3 times during my last approach. What am I doing wrong? should I be disengaging auto throttle all together? I thought It needs to be armed in case of go around? Tony