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  1. @Litjan Hi there Jan , I think I did indicate this to you a while back , When selecting NON metric system , the fuel flow is still in KG/H .. Should be lb/hr Also the quantity is the same on both Metric and NoN Metric Regards Lawrence
  2. M4cD

    [XP10/11]F/O Yoke texture incorrect

    @Litjan I reported the texture on the F/O Yoke more than a year ago , We waited patiently for over a year for a texture update , and the Yoke is not fixed .. The autopilot disconnect is on the wrong side , very disappointing .. Regards Lawrence
  3. M4cD

    Spot whats new (v1.1 spoiler alert)

    @Litjan "lbs labeling on the fuel gauges if imperial units are chosen:" Should the the fuel flow not be in LBS ? Regards Lawrence
  4. M4cD

    Drawing Approach LPMA

    The Aircraft does not follow the arc approach correctly , Also not drawing it correctly , but strangely drawing the missed approach correctly , AEROSOFT Navdata 1609 GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  5. HI there ON approach to EPPG with this route TURO4N TURON A5 ASDEB KORUL UN866 QPR UN472 ARE UN864 MONTY KEGU1D The aircraft turned away from flight path close to intercept . And then when i recovered to manual Gizmo crash Reqrds Lawrence GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  6. M4cD

    IXEG 737 Wont update to 1.0.7

    1, Make sure you have 1.06 installed 2. Make sure the directory installed is correct X-Plane 10\Aircraft\X-Aviation\IXEG 737 Classic Then it should work . .
  7. M4cD

    ADF radios , Decimals

    Hi there , birdy.dma I posted the wrong pick was not thinking ..
  8. M4cD

    ADF radios , Decimals

    It seems I cant Tune to freqencies with decimals on the ADF , On this example it should be 462.5 , I can tune 463 462 Regards Lawrence
  9. M4cD

    X-Plane Crash After Aircraft Launch

    @Ethan Have you tried it on another airport , it seems VTBS_Bangkok has to many errors and X Plae cant cope .. Regards Lawrence
  10. M4cD

    Flap Inhibit Warning

    The ground proximity warning canot be inhibited with the inhibit switches .. Landed at SLLP 13314FT Altitude flap 15 landing , Can someone please confirm ? Regards Lawrence
  11. The F/O Yoke texture is incorrect The trim writing is on the wrong side ..
  12. M4cD

    Flyover way points

    I just read the whole Boeing FMC guide .. All boeings from the 737 300 onwards with the Smiths FMC is flyover enabled .. It would be a crucial piece needed for IXEG , so would request it added to the upcoming things to do . Regards Lawrence
  13. M4cD

    Flyover way points

    Ok .. is this software based on Smiths FMC 737 300s onwards ? Regards Lawrence
  14. Hi there . #Jan , can the current FMC do a flyover waypoint , ( I did check the NOT in ver 1.0 post but could not find it ) I tried by entering /O but it did not work Regards Lawrence