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  1. I can't remember where I read this, but apparently sometimes the "packs off" takeoff would be accomplished by turning off the engine bleeds (but leaving the packs themselves on auto), is this a real thing?
  2. sim/operation/sound/radio_volume_ratio (IIRC)
  3. Custom Cockpit

    If it's just re-texturing the seats and so on, you can already do it without any plugin. If it's moving seats and changing seat configurations, you'd have to have like all possible cockpit options (as a different OBJ file) and hide all but the currently applicable one, would probably hurt performance and would definitely increase package size.
  4. Well, if it's the only issue we can find with the whole process, isn't it supposed to be good news? The wink smiley was meant to imply a nice, cheerful note, otherwise (if I had actually meant to complain) I would have used rolling eyes or an angry smiley
  5. …was already in version 1.1 update announcement […] Also, I haven't updated yet, are there two ACF files or does the installer (or the scripts) automatically enable the file based on the X-Plane version?
  6. What's the CSD disconnect?
  7. perhaps you shouldn't look at file whose content you don't understand? This number if set by Plane-Maker, refers to the format of the ACF file itself, and is completely unrelated to IXEG's (or any other developer's) versioning system…
  8. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    Does this mean version 1.1 is still likely weeks away?
  9. FMC button press animations

    It's a gimmick, but it would be nice, time permitting.
  10. SimBrief 737

    I suggest setting the weights in pounds, as that's what SimBrief uses internally for storage. When you use KGs, every time you make a change to the airframe and save, the weight shifts by one KG or so (compounding rounding errors). I use the following: IIRC, OEW, MTOW and FUEL are taken directly from the X-Plane weight & balance dialog (empty, max allowable and total fuel weights, respectively), MZFW and MLW are taken from a reference PDF somewhere. Also values I use are usually rounded a bit, for example I always adjust MZFW slightly so that (MZFW-OEW) gives me a nice, round number.
  11. The IXEG and X-Plane 11 Topic [Merged]

    You'd have to be more specific? Not sure what you're referring to…
  12. POLL: VNAV use

    Looks like the survey is dated 1997? I wonder what the results would be in 2016, especially for modern airliners like Embraers and Airbusses.
  13. Installer for B737 in XP11

    Under your order history in your X-Aviation account. You may have to request a reset as the link may be expired. Otherwise, copying the aircraft over also works, but you have to also copy Gizmo64.plugin from Resources/plugins/ over to the same folder in X-Plane 11.
  14. It should read Swiss-French -- being Swiss matters more than the language you speak