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  1. @Aloneintheskies Can't wait for this to release! Great stuff.
  2. I'm not concerned about GTN support. I'll take quality aircraft with any usable GPS unit (even some without GPS at all) any day. GTN support is pretty far from a must have, at least in my opinion. The GTN doesn't even have updated AIRAC without a lot of extra money or other nonsense. Really looking forward to the next MU release.
  3. siege00

    Very unstable aircraft?

    That's weird. I haven't experienced anything like that. Plane has been nice and smooth from day one and has just gotten better (20+ hours in it, including crosswinds). Have you checked your control calibration in X-Plane and in your OS? I had a problem before on another plane, but it was controller based ie. one of my rudder pedals had a constant partial braking going on, recalibrated and was all good. Also have you tried removing plugins to make sure you don't have a conflict somewhere? May also want to include a copy of your log since the devs may ask for it. Just a few thoughts.
  4. siege00

    [Not a Bug] Fuel Weight unit

    I may be wrong here, but wouldn't GAL be more accurate in using the load manager anyway since I've heard XP doesn't calculate the difference in weight between AVGAS and jet fuels? Of course I could be wrong about XP's gas/fuel calculations.
  5. siege00

    TBM 900 v1.0.7 Update Released!

    Thank you Totoritko, Goran, and Cameron for this product (as well as any other people involved in bringing this to market). Seriously top notch work! Superior quality, performance, and support. Amazing!
  6. siege00

    TBM 900 v1.0.4 Update Released!

    Got it. And I was a little quick on the link. Thank you!
  7. siege00

    TBM 900 v1.0.4 Update Released!

    Hi @Cameron, The 1.0.3 installer is still pulling down and says "Unable to download component TBM 900: File not found". It did uninstall itself. Thanks,
  8. siege00

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Imminent (when the jobs are done) release HYPE! Great news! Thanks!
  9. siege00

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Ouch... but thanks for the update @Cameron
  10. siege00

    Socata TBM-900 New Exterior Previews!

    Just threw my wallet at the screen. Sadly it didn't work but had to try. Beautiful work! Can't wait!
  11. siege00

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Just popped by hoping for an update on the update.
  12. siege00

    Announcing the Socata TBM 900!

    Excellent!!! Can't wait for this release!
  13. Thank you for the quick fix Cameron!
  14. siege00

    Problems with MU-2 v1.8 on xp11

    Awesome news! Very much looking forward to this update. Thanks @tkyler!
  15. Supposedly 11.10 'features' are opt-in based on which version of planemaker you use, though I'd bet you know more about that than I do. I really hope your fixes work for both versions with little or no additional effort. Really looking forward to the patch and thanks!