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  1. Is there any way to map the Ground/Prefight popup to the keyboard rather than moving the mouse to the lower left half of the screen? I've recently begun to use one of those wide screen monitors and in full screen mode I cannot "find" the lower left corner - I have to switch to windowed mode, set ground, ZFW, fuel, and switch back again. Having a keyboard map would be convienient!
  2. jgniewkowski

    X-Aviation - Great Customer Support - Thanks

    Agreed 100% - outstanding customer service!
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    X-Avaition Customer Service

    Just wanted to say thanks to Cameron for his quick ticket turn around! I entered a ticket at 7:30PM and he had it resolved the next morning by 11:00AM. That's fantastic customer service - very glad to be a X-Avaition customer! John Gniewkowski