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  1. hamoody

    Fox Islands Discussion

    I held off on buying this for a while, but I just did and I love this scenery package! I found just a few small things that I think need addressing 1) When using forkboy's ortho package, I see a line surrounding the area several miles away from the islands. I assume this is a mesh conflict. Maybe we can get a patch for users of the forkboy scenery? Here are a few shots illustrating the issue. The line is visible as a highly aliased blue line near the horizon (this is with 4XSSAA+FXAA if it matters) 2) There is a small seam just north of the runway on South Fox Up close: 3) The chains on the campfire in North Fox appear to glow at night. On a similar note, how awesome would it be to see an animated/light emanating fire at night here? None of these substantially distract from the general awesomeness of this scenery, I just felt I should point them out to be fixed in the future. Good luck on ARB and DTW!!!
  2. A while back, quite soon after release, I remember reading somewhere that the IXEG team had plans to model the 737-400 as some sort of expansion to the base aircraft. That was a while ago and I haven't heard anything about it since, so I was wondering if this is still on the table. Of course, I'm not asking for a release date or timeframe or anything, but it would be great to know if the status of the -400 is "yes, we definitely have plans to make it", or if it's been downgraded to "maybe someday, eventually, hopefully". The 400 is my favorite variant of the classic and I would love to have it in my hangar.
  3. Woke up. Saw the email. Ran to grab my credit card. I love, love this scenery! I'm going to have a lot of fun flying around, killing time until KARB and KDTW are released Just a suggestion- in the future could you include a version with no ortho tiles? Winter is upon us and to see my snow textures I'll need to remove all the ortho tiles manually, so it would be nice to have an option to just install an alternate version or move some folders around instead.
  4. It's been a while since I flew this plane because I was waiting for the update. Now that it's finally here I'm excited to fly it again! One question: how do you load coroutes into the fmc? What folder and format should they be in?
  5. I just purchased Urban-Maxx, and I'm pleasantly surprised by how it changes the look of cities for such a low price. I was wondering if there is a mod available, or if the developer would consider creating optional Desert textures? Urban-maxx looks great in North America, Europe, and Asia, but in places like the Middle East, East/South Africa, Mexico, and the Southwestern US, the green urban textures don't look that realistic. The 'old city' texture package helps somewhat, but it would be great if a different one could be made tailored to desert environments. Also, now that winter has finally arrived, I have started using winter textures that depict snow on the ground, but unfortunately this doesn't look good at all with Urban-Maxx. It would be great to also see a winter package!
  6. hamoody

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    No need to apologize! I totally understand you must be very busy with the Saab. Thanks for the update and for making this livery
  7. hamoody

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    Hi Goran. Did you ever get a chance to complete this?
  8. hamoody

    Liveries request

    This would be an interesting one! Pharaoh Airlines only served from 1998 to 2003 and did not fly the 737-300, but they did have the 737-400 which is close enough. Actually the only reason I know about this airline is from seeing pictures of her smaller 737-200 stablemate buried in sand and rotting away at Cairo Airport. I hope someone can make this livery!
  9. hamoody

    Seasons still WIP?

    On the Maxx-XP website "Seasons" has been shown as WIP for a while now. Is the project still ongoing, or has it been suspended?
  10. hamoody

    SAAB 340A - ENRO - ENSD

    Beautiful! What sky color set are you using?
  11. hamoody

    KDTW payware WIP --- KDTW+KYIP+KARB+more!

    I take it from the radio silence that you're hard at work on this package which I'm sure will raise the bar for XP scenery and attract even more people to this amazing sim. I'm wondering if in your next update you could show off the B/C satellite at DTW? As soon as you release the scenery it will be the new home of my Saab 340 and CRJ-200, so I'd love to see a preview! Keep up the good work and I'm seriously anxious for this scenery!
  12. hamoody

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    Wow, I'm not usually a fan of fictional liveries but I really like the Lufthansa look on the Saab. Thanks, I can't wait to download those two! I already made two requests (and one is being graciously done by Goran), but I'd also like to request the Estonian Air Regional regular livery to compliment the 'hockey bird' version that comes with the plane. I think the Estonian scheme looks especially smart on the Saab
  13. hamoody

    Saab 340A Livery Requests

    Thank you Goran! Looks great so far and I can't wait to take it for a spin.
  14. hamoody

    KDTW payware WIP --- KDTW+KYIP+KARB+more!

    Steve, this looks absolutely amazing. I live in Ann Arbor and can't wait to get this scenery. I feel incredibly lucky that the most detailed scenery addon for XP to date will be for the area where I live. I won't ask you for a release date as I'm sure you have no idea, but if you have a rough timeframe for release (this winter, early next year, etc) I'm sure we'd all greatly appreciate it! Also, from what I understand DTW, Detroit, and the surrounding airports(ARB, etc) will all be sold in the same package, right? Do you know roughly how much it'll cost yet? Anyway, thanks again for doing such incredible work, I'm seriously excited for this package!
  15. Before updating to 1.0.6, my 737 worked just fine. However, since updating to 1.06 (the problems persist in 1.0.7), I get an annoying ~5 second pause when entering data into the FMS before I fly. Even worse, though, when changing information regarding my route (for example, changing the altitude I want to cross a waypoint, proceeding direct to a waypoint, etc), for about 30 seconds- 1 minute my entire sim drops to what seems like under 1 FPS, pausing, going briefly, then pausing again, almost like the aircraft is taking a long time to process the information. Is there anything I can do to fix this, or maybe downgrade to 1.0.5 for the time being?