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    Hey Guys, Just wanted to let you know, the VR mod is completed for the MU-2. You can get it over at http://simvrlabs.com/x-scenery-mitsubishi-mu-2b-marquise-vr/, and I'm also attaching it here to download. Be sure and read the install instructions and disclaimers. Enjoy! SimVRlabs Mitsubishi MU-2B-60 V100.zip
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    Pilots Checklist for the MU-2B-60 In PDF Format http://eastaire.us/newchecklist.pdf Honeywell TPE331 PIlots Tip Guide http://eastaire.us/files/TPE331pilotnotes.pdf
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    If you would like a lighter tree display let me know and I will make it available. Cheers.
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    Ok, so I went out and bought a 1080 to see how KTTF runs on the gpu. I made this airport for the next gen simulation hardware. It will run just fine on my 680 with mid level range settings in x plane, with the 1080 we usually want to boost the slider all the way right but since there are 100's and 100'd of custom objects and very dense trees it takes a big hit with full right sliders. I got my best run with AA 2 sliders down from what you have now and reflections all the way left. Try that and let me know If it improves. You will need to restart x plane after you change these settings.