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Next update?

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I think the 737-300 is pretty stable now, but are there any plans for the next update out yet? Wondering about opening doors, deployable oxygen masks, FMC features, and a few other things of that nature.

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I think the underlying message is that the team is busy with various family and professional commitments and that any form of commitment or projection of future plans for release are likely to setup expecations within the community that might not be fully met as life unfolds.

It's better to publish the feature list contained in an update, and a date of availability for the update, when the update is actually ready to publish.

This keeps expectations and promises more realistic.


The community also needs to bear in mind that while some key members of the team are busy with high profile obligations their pre-existing products have been supported in the market for 10 years with free updates.

The IXEG project was purely self driven with no funding at all for five years before release.

The technologies it relies on are created and maintained by myself, and I've been in the X-Plane arena for nearly 15 years.


In short: "Reports of IXEG's death are greatly exagerrated."

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