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TBM-900 Condensed checklists

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Hi folks,

I made a PDF document with all the Normal checklists from the official POH in only 2 pages, also I included some performance tables.

I wanted to share it with the community. Let me know if I can improve it.

Thanks for this great product!


TBM-900 Condensed Checklist.pdf

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Printed and about to be used.

I also like to jot down recommended speeds e.g  stall, rotation, best rate / cruise climb , flap deployment , gear down , over the threshold etc. but these I can add in writing.

Small observation : once printed ,  the numbers in the top 2 performance charts are difficult to read because of their size. We use A4 paper downunder , so could be that the printing process is  shrinking them , compared to the original.  That said , this is an excellent ,  and essential aid well done.

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I will try to enlarge the tables, but the idea was to keep it in a single page.

I printed it in A4 also, using a laser printer. 


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