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  1. Thanks DiggerD! Starting WMR first is the solution. I appreciate your help!
  2. Since I've received no response, I continued to try and troubleshoot my issue and it appears I assumed facts not in evidence. The issue occurs when trying to use the simulation in VR. I read the product description on the website and did not read any indication that the 340A was not VR compatible. In fairness, it does not say it is therefore I assumed. Mea culpa. When I load the simulation after launching X-Plane 11 I have simulation sounds through my speakers. However, I lose the simulation sounds after I start my HP Reverb. I can disable VR but I still lose the sounds if I switch to my
  3. Howdy all! I recently purchased the LES Saab 340 and I am unable to hear any sounds from the 340. I can hear external sounds coming from X-Plane 11.4 but nothing at all from the simulation itself. I've tried multiple uninstalls/re-installs which have not resolved this issue. I do not have sound issues with any of my other X-Plane 11 airplane simulations. Thanks in advance for any direction! Log files attached. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  4. Has functionality for dimming the display screens been implemented? Thanks in advance for any info...g
  5. Thanks RobW05! I was not pressing the joystick a second time after centering. Working as designed.
  6. I've found I'm not able to pan the G1000 MFD map by clicking the directional arrows under the MFD in VR. I've even assigned G1000 MFD custom pan commands to one of the hat switches on my TM Warthog throttle still no joy. In 2d, clicking the directional arrow indications on the MFD keyboard or PFD panel will not allow panning either. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue...G
  7. Just recently purchased this aircraft and experienced the same issue. NG temps were low but could not get ITT above 10%,. Twice I tried dry motoring for 10 seconds and immediately switching to abort with no success. Checked maintenance and found no issues there. As Erich states above, creating a new airframe resulted in a normal start.
  8. Just want to add my thanks to the development team! This truly is a special aircraft simulation. By far, the best aircraft I've found for X Plane. BTW... the flaming engine simulation was quite impressive the first time I torched it on startup.
  9. Outstanding! Thanks for your effort! Now if I can just get control of these popup screens in VR...
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