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  1. Interesting.....can't wait! Lee
  2. Keith did a good job in describing it from his perspective, here is mine. If you like realism, the challenge of learning, this is your chance to do it. If you are learning the real rules of flying, this is an excellent chance to be learning in an environment that will promote this. The controllers are not only knowledgeable, but patient and helpful. The drones that are always present in Norcal and Socal always give you extra eye-candy and visual stimulus. Finally, and most importantly for me as a learner, this will become an amazing addiction to learning, conversing with others and meeting
  3. I have had this problem for months. I also would be grateful for a solution. Lee
  4. I will help where I can, time permitting. I also work about 2kms from the Toronto airport if there is any way that is of use to you! Lee
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