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  1. Happy b-day Alex!

  2. alxunru


    No definitive sales structure yet. We'll be working out those logistics later. I can safely say that we will not be following the sales model that Peter has adopted with the per livery system however. Details will be forthcoming in the future when we're closer to that magic calendar date.
  3. alxunru


    Without further ado... About a month ago I was looking at the 777 operators list on wikipedia. Back when we really got into the project, the 772ER was the most popular variant of the bird flying. The 777-200LR (77L) and the 777-300ER (77W) were in their infancy. Turns out that over the course of just a few years, the balance has shifted. By far the most popular version with carriers of the 777 is also our favorite, the 77W (now this is in terms of orders…there is a lot of backlog). We’ve wanted to get a move on with some of the other variants for along time now and these new figures gave us ju
  4. Well, its about time that I made that announcement I suppose Standby for the IK tutorial. I should have it up this evening. Cheers Alex
  5. I know its odd to have a memo letting everyone know to expect a memo, but yes, I want to put up a progress report by the end of the week. That includes an inverse kinematic animation tutorial that I mentioned on the blog a few weeks ago Cheers
  6. For those curious, I'm using an older iMac 3.06 Intel core2duo set up with the nvidia 8800GS with 512MB of VRAM and 4GB of RAM. I always run the sim at full screen 1920 x 1200. I'd call the system midrange at best. Runs the 777 pretty well considering the rendering specs I keep the sim up at. Cheers
  7. You have no idea how much I wish that this was true lol. The sad truth is, I've never set foot on a 777. I've been on just about everything else that Boeing makes. Not the 777. One of these days
  8. Thanks Cameron Per the runway, those are just the default x-plane textures done up a bit. I was tired of landing on asphalt that was grey and concrete color, so I've modded the textures on my end. I may be persuaded one of these days to upload them and have them available. Cheers
  9. I should stamp out any notions that its 'done' at this stage before we all get too excited (because it isn't ) I'll just leave it at exciting developments Cheers
  10. That's something for Sven to answer. He's out an internet connection after his move for a little while longer. I'll have him fill everyone in here as soon as he can I can confidently say though that everything is progressing very well however. And now, because I promised, here's a quick set from the Rolls Royce variant, from a landing perspective this time. Note that we've got some pretty big news that Dhruv and I are dying to share with you all, but we're going to sit on it until the grunt work is completed, so you may not hear from us for a few weeks. Lets just say that we've been wanting t
  11. But of course It would be silly not to have some sort of quick start manual. EDIT: And because I don't like to double post, and I do believe that one of you here said that the only thing better than seeing the ANA pics was seeing GEs hang under those wings, here's another series of exterior shots and closeups for the GE model. The PW is my primary development model and all of the everything will be moved into the other engine variants when the time comes. Because of this, I seldom fly or test the GE and RR birds these days, so these are as fun to shoot as they are for you to all look at. Look
  12. Tom, 1. Yes, we are working on full system simulations (as full as is practical within the simulator environment...including FMC, fly by wire, full AP system logic etc etc.) It will definitely be a study sim, that much is for certain. 2. I'm not going to publicly speculate on this one...I'm sure that you understand And thanks, we'd like to think that we're pushing the envelope as to what is possible as well. The CRJ has laid some very strong groundwork and I don't think that we'll be satisfied unless we can deliver to at least that level. Cheers!
  13. The whole polytext thing definitely has its ups and downs. Our solution isn't perfect but for aircraft with large cockpits, where balancing texture resolution and performance is concerned, we like Guy, have gone the polytext route. I wouldn't necessarily call it a requirement for the tiny cockpit of the 737, and based on all of the previews that I've seen from Morten and crew, it certainly doesn't need it. Lovely panels there M
  14. M 0.74...I stand corrected Thats what I get for looking up CR2 cruising speed on google!
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