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  1. I had heard of the CH750 originally as an STOL type bush plane, and its used widely for backcountry off-airport landings and takeoffs http://youtu.be/fb7-YOILIBQ
  2. I like the Zenith CH750. Freeware, Pretty basic textures and 3d cockpit, but flies predictably with great short field performance. Excellent sound! Olexia
  3. Glad to hear it Colin... I am restarting work on Pacific Ranges this weekend
  4. Blaine High, just west of your orthophoto, on the other side of the highway- scenery looks great, can't wait to try it out, Colin
  5. Went to high school here- go Borderites!
  6. In order of importance- 1. Option to set clouds 100% opaque 2. Option to set larger radius of clouds around aircraft 3. Richer, multilayer sound
  7. I just purchased a compact bluetooth keyboard for flight simulator- logitech with illuminated keys. I don't know what I was thinking- you have to hit keys several times in flight to wake the thing up. The latest driver software has not been updated for windows 8 yet either, so I am stuck with the problem
  8. olexia

    DMax Releases Blackshape Prime

    I was able to fix the autopilot issue- Dmax recommended erasing my prefs files and reloading x plane. Tried it and I am now able to turn on the ap and operate it via airtrack on the ipad
  9. I live in a small NYC apartment, so my flight deck folds out of a cabinet
  10. Terrific project, Colin S! Can't wait to see the end result Olexia
  11. Got the Autopilot to turn on by deleting my preferences file and letting x plane regenerate on reboot. I can now operate it from my ipad using Airtrack. The EFIS page in the plane itself still shows autopilot as inoperable, however. Best, Olexia
  12. olexia

    DMax Releases Blackshape Prime

    Love the view from this plane! Where is the "basic" autopilot referenced in the x-aviation catalog page? When I flip to the proper page of the EFIS, it says it is still in development...
  13. Hi guys- Having trouble switching autopilot on, and the EFIS page says autopilot is "in development". Is there an update I should get? The catalog page at X aviation lists a basic autopilot as a feature. Other than that, love the aircraft. It has a great field of view. Thanks, Olexia
  14. Hello Martin, Not really. OSM data is overwritten by the data in the scenery, I think. Not really an expert on it though. Have you tried renaming the file with the OSM data so it appears alphabetically before Pacific Ranges? I have chosen this remote area as there isn't much OSM data to overwrite here. Coastline and water way data is more accurate than default x-plane, by a power of 10 Forests shouldn't be affected as far as I know. I think that much of the area lacks forests in default x-plane, and the scenery shouldn't change that. Correct me if I am wrong. I leave forests turned off when I fly, so I likely won't put the large amount of work into fixing it any time soon. Best, Olexia
  15. File Name: Pacific Ranges Photoscenery - Bella Coola File Submitter: olexia File Submitted: 17 Aug 2012 File Category: DSF Scenery Packages X-Plane Version(s): X-Plane 9 & 10 The scenery updates the 1x1 degree tile around Bella Coola, British Columbia with high resolution terrain mesh, coastlines, rivers and lakes. It updates the southern half of the tile with medium resolution orthophoto textures, and adds a new airfield, CBJ5 Taleomey River. A good introductory flight is to take off east from Bella Coola, turn south and fly to CBJ5 Taleomey River Airfield. Both approaches to the airfield are difficult, the one from the east much more so. The scenery is the first in a series stretching from Bella Coola, British Columbia, to Vancouver, British Columbia. The sceneries available at x-plane.org and x-pilot.com are 1. Pacific Ranges- Bella Coola 2. Pacific Ranges- Machmell River See attached index map for scenery locations. The scenery has been successfully tested with X-Plane 9.70, X-Plane 10 Demo, and Inside Passage scenery. Click here to download this file
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