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  1. I haven't been around for a while, and my aircraft link expired in July will I still be able to get the update Cameron. Thanks friend and may I wish you a Happy Christmas. Sorry if that sentiment annoys anyone but polite political correct speech doesn't work for this 70 year old. We are grumpy and old.:)
  2. I haven't been around for a while, and my aircraft link expired in July will I still be able to get the update Cameron.
  3. After updating Xplane and trying to load 64 bit client with repeated crashes. I took all the resource/plugin folders out and left the assorted files in. It started fine so I replaced the plugin folders one by one until I discovered the culprit. It turned out to be the Python Interface folder anyone know why, pretty please?
  4. Mario of course I read your post and to be honest there is no need to be so abrupt as it makes you appear rude. I was digging the Borg not you and thank you for your links. Now please calm down and relax.
  5. Oh yes that place I cannot go to or want to for that matter.
  6. I see where your going with this and FSX already does something similar with training missions so I would think it could be possible to adapt those sort of missions to become a little more complicated and to be more realistic. Although how you would go about this I don't know.
  7. From what I have read though of the atc sims I think my casual approach to taking off and landing (quite often with wheels up) and without getting to grips properly with really flying the aircraft would make me a little unpopular with the owners. I rather like the MS one that just keeps nagging me to do a certain thing until I get it right and doesn't get shirty with me because I am not very good.
  8. Thank you for that enlightening comment does it also give X-plane atc in sim or have xplane already sorted that one out while I wasn't here.
  9. Its been a long time I have been away as I went back to playing a few online games like Eve and Wow. I also purchased Skyrim elder scrolls and played that through. But I did keep popping back to see how things were doing. Especially with the CRJ, I read this thread with interest as it has so much effect on the CRJ and held off using x-plane. Well I see now the problem has been solved but blushingly I must ask what the heck is this XSB do dad thingy that has been stirring the pot. Oh and, hi all.
  10. Well I haven't been around x-plane much lately as have been enjoying the summer with my new toy, the Canon Legria HF G10 camcorder and riding on steam trains. But I pop in to keep abreast of developments now and again and one of the first places I visit is this thread. Remlap you a doing a great job, and it is so nice to see a young person happily taking advice then acting on it without seeing it as some kind of personal attack. Carry that attitude with you through life hon and you should do real well. As regards this project your doing fantastic and I am amazed at how well those like you can
  11. Hey you guys can use the chat channel now it's open save you going backward and forward with with forum messages and having to keep refreshing the page. Just an idea for you.
  12. Working on stuff for them twice as hard that's a busy man.
  13. You get old and although you may like snow like I do you begin to dislike the cold with its aggravation of your poor old bones. Sigh.
  14. Yes its one of the poorer sides of X-plane I am afraid. I tend to revert to FSX for atc flying and totally ignore ATC in X-plane.
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