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  1. Yep, noticed that also. But as I only fly 5B GNS ATM I simply temporarily moved the G500 out of the AC plugin folder
  2. Hi, sorry, I am aware that this may be of no help, but I just did about 20 flights on the 5B GNS (v2.0.4 on XP11) over the last few days, and everything is working perfectly fine here. So at least the AC seems to be OK, and I would suspect some other reason ("leftover" joystick binding or FWL script or whatever ...). Best regards
  3. Hi, thanks! No big deal after the culprit is found, manually editing the prevs works fine. It's just confusing if there seems to be no way to power up those dark GNSs, not with the radio switches nor any other "in sim" means. As long as the GTNs are (invisibly) "selected" via the prefs the GNSs simply seem not being "installed" (internally, although shown on the panel) I guess. So it is manageable even without a fix if the cause is kown. Just wanted to inform in case someone else also is puzzeled by dark GNSs ;-) Best regards.
  4. Hi, just FYI... I (virtually) removed the RXP GTN plugin (via XPOrganizer) on XP restart and loaded the default GNS variant. In this case the GNSs stay dark. Looking at the mu2b60_prefs.txt it still has the attribute "rxpgtn_config_enum:4" set (i.e. the GTN 750/650 that were selected on the last flight), but there is no option to switch back to the default GNS via the options panel (as the GPS selection is not shown, because RXP is "not installed"). So the only way seems to change that attribute to "rxpgtn_config_enum:1" manually before loading the plane after the RXP plugin was removed. Shouldn't the code simply default to (effectivlely) "rxpgtn_config_enum:1" if no RXP stuff is installed on load?
  5. Ah, ok, thank you. Looking forward to no longer have to reach down without having proper attitude awareness from seeing the instruments.
  6. Hm... Are those xscenery/mu2b50/manips/... commands supposed to be shown in XP(11)'s list of commands to be bound to keys or buttons? The xscenery/mu2b60/ category is there, and also a xscenery/mu2b60/misc/, but no xscenery/mu2b60/manips/. Or are they only reachable via API?
  7. Great! This is so much more interesting (Engines, AP, …) and fun to fly than any „big button fadec start and off you go“ plane. Thank you!
  8. While you're at it, perhaps you may want to correct the GTN panel positions/sizes. As they are now they are a little too big for their bezel. E.g. the top "Home" header line on the GTN 650 is currently cut off ("out of the bezel"). If you review there are GTN "in 3D bezel panel sizes" that match better. Just a small thing, but simply looks cleaner
  9. Haha, nice, that came through while I was authoring mine LOL. But is a separate thing from the panel size (the "Home"-Header on the GTN 650 is cut on their screenshots, too) I will go and catch some sleep now, its about 4 AM here in Germany.
  10. Hi again, Sorry to seem nitpicking... 1) The placement and size of the GTN panels within the 3D border is wrong / cuts content (see MU2_RXP_FRAMES_ORIG.png). IMHO changing the frame in RealityXP.GTN.ini to [GTN_750_1.PANELS] ... ; display position and dimension (left,top,width,height) ; frame.rect = 10,725,605,715 frame.rect = 16,715,592,700 and [GTN_650_2.PANELS] ... ; display position and dimension (left,top,width,height) ; frame.rect = 10,1005,605,270 frame.rect = 20,988,583,260 is better (see MU2_RXP_FRAMES_MOD.png). 2) The lower two thirds of the GTN 750 screen is black (no display showing, see images). So for the panel dimensions given above I could not validate the botton border 3) Why not activate... [GTN_750_1.PANELS] ... ; right mouse button on the screen toggles popup window if true (requires XP11.1). ; popright = false popright = true as is already done for the GTN 650? 4) After finally finding the "REALITY XP GTN Config" setting () I now have to set it on every load to "GTN 650/750" again. The setting seems to get saved (mu2b60_prefs.txt: rxpgtn_config_enum:4), but not (correctly) restored. Or perhaps simply a zero based versus one based oops? I will tell how much I like 2.0.3 soon as I get to FLYING it after all. It's too late in my corner of the world now... Best regards, and thanks again for 2.0.3 !!!
  11. Great news! A (very) small first observation: The acf_version.txt says 2.0.3 (as to be expected), but the .acf files (xsMU2B60_4B_GLASS.acf etc.) all still contain "P acf/_version 2.0.2". Which obviously means they are displayed in XP with "2.0.2" on their tile for the A/C selection. Just did confuse me a bit at first
  12. Hi all, just to confirm this issue, had the same (forgot about the GPU). But I did see it just in time (dragging the GPU with me while taxiing) and was stll able to dismiss it via Gizmo
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