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  1. Even when I call the "sim/operation/load_real_weather" command ? From my tests it seem to do the job quite nicely, if I call this command.
  2. I'll modify my script to remove the "=" I already formatted the date to be XP compliant. .[update] Ok, I have done a quick modification to the script and it is formatting the dates and removing the "+" at the end of each line. So far so good. The only thing I can't explain is: If I inject the file after I open X-Plane, the crash does not occur even for the original file. But maybe I ask for too much. I'll continue monitor the behavior of the plugin with custom METAR files and notify you if anything resembles occurs. Cheers Saar
  3. Done a short update to the crashing file. I "fixed" the dates, they should look something like: Unfortunately, same error, which might lead to the way the data is being constructed in the plugin.
  4. I agree that the time format is not the same as in XP, but it does not crash X-Plane only when I remove the specific row. The Metar that I load display correct "weather radar" so I guess it is OK by x-plane. I'll try to format the date better. By the way, I modified my script yesterday and eliminate duplication of Metar station readouts. X-Plane did not crash either. So I guess it has to do with duplication and timing, but in the original there are many duplication and still XP display weather correctly. I'm not trying to be petty, this crash really interest me, sinc
  5. Hi, This is more a request for debug the root cause, since I do not have the source for SkyMaxx. Background: I wrote a simple perl script that builds XP Metar like file from external site (it does not download anything, it contracts the information from the browser output). When I inject the file during X-Plane flight, it did not crashed. How to reproduce Place the attached file into X-Plane install folder. Start X-Plane. On Quick Flight Setup window, check the "Use Real Weather...." Continue with load. If I'm correct, at the end of the load, jus
  6. Hi, Thanks for the quick reply, I sent the request to where the plugin told me: "orders@x-aviation.com" But I'll try your link too... This is a shame if the plugin message regarding e-mail is not correct, this is another issue that should be resolved. Anyway, thanks for the link, I'll try this too. Cheers
  7. Hi, This might not be the correct place, but after I sent e-mails to the support team and never got an answer, I hope that this issue might be escalated. First I want to say that the airplane is a very nice one, I had the option to fly it two times before my issue just came up. Second, I did the registration on my laptop, well I just had to see the plane, but I fly on my Desktop so I went over the registration processes again and there where no issues. The activation window pops up every time the plane is loaded and I enter the same e-mail and password as expected. I just have no idea why I st
  8. Thanks for this great GA plane, currently it is my favorite. I hope the Saab will be as unique as this one.
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