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  1. Thank You for Your work, I really do like it. I just came across 2 issues compared to the real thing: 1.: The nose point doesnt seem right. There is no falling curve on the real thing. 2.: The upper side of the wings are not colored IRL, only the undersides. Unfortunately I couldnt find any pictures to tell, wheather this also goes for the elevator or not. Definetly underside is blue but upper side...? If I had to guess, I would think the elevs. might be like the wings though - blue underside only. Cheers Holger
  2. Hello, after the update to 1.1 i found some additional issues unfortunately. Would You be so kind and update Your livery for that version at some point? It would mean a lot to me coz this is by far my fav. livery for the diva. Many thansk in advance! EDIT: it is not related to the update, these where there before, I just didnt notice yet! I attached a screeny. Cheers Holger
  3. Thank You very much, really loving the livery! I found a very minor issue with it - see attachment. Maybe You might wanna iron this out in a future update if possible? Cheers Holger
  4. The first checklist to work with, is Flight Compartment. The first item shown is #7 (AC/DC). Question 1: Why does this checklist not start with item #1 (Battery master)? Question 2: Why is the first checklist not Safety check?
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