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  1. Interesting. I will try it. Thanks
  2. Hi. Yes. I just realized that I am also having this problem. Last build of the tbm and 11.50 (vulkan) - using LiveTraffic
  3. I just tried it. I got icing effects on the windshield. Vulkan of course.... so the answer is yes
  4. First test flight with the new version and everything seems OK. ILS approach with latest Navigraph navdata whitout any problem. Also raining in LEMD and I could see the water drops in Vulkan. Thanks a lot for the update! Best regards, Dani
  5. Here my vote too for p-factor +1
  6. As far as i know, right now, the TBM900 expects the (11.40-) version of navigraph. Those are the ones that I am using. And the folder is the default Xplane one This is working great for me. BR/ Dani
  7. Just my two cents here. What Navigraph format are you using? I had your same problem at the very beginning of buying the TBM900. It was because I was using the 11.50+ data format. Just for a try, install the old Navigraph data format for Xplane. That fixed all for me.
  8. Hi Goran, Thanks a lot for answering. As you can imagine, I am not a developer myself, but I am just basing my questions in some posts from Ben Supnik (X-Plane). Some of them are from time ago, when DDS was initially introduced. Some interesting points are made in the following post. https://developer.x-plane.com/2012/01/dds-revisited-in-x-plane-10/ "DDS is an image format that contains a compressed image. DDS files load faster (because the image is already compressed), look better (because the image is compressed using a slower, higher quality process before sim load) and let
  9. Hi all, We all know that the realisms and quality of this TBM900 is out of the scale when compared with most of the aircraft created for X-Plane. Unfortunately, we all know that it can become a bit heavy on requirements too. I was checking yesterday the VRAM profiler in X-Plane while flying and I suddenly realized the HUGE footprint that our "bird" requieres in VR. I was using my Rift S (1.5 SS), and the TBM was taking almos 1.5Gb of VRAM!. This is quite a lot, even for my RTX2080 with 8Gb VRAM. I compared the numbers with a very heavy FlightFactor A320, and this "small" TBM is takin
  10. I am afraid that this is not visible in VR with the headset on. I really prefer not to remove it . Thanks anyway
  11. Hi again, I was playing around with one of my other plugins installed in X-Plane, called "LiveTraffic", when I realized that the developer, somehow, created some commands for accessing some functions/panels, very similar to the "payload manager" we use for ours TBM900. And apparently, there is an special keyboard assignment for "Plugin Provided". Please check the attached picture. Source information is here: https://twinfan.gitbook.io/livetraffic/v/v1.50/using-lt/menu-items/configuring-commands So from my side, this would be more of a kindly feature request for the f
  12. Hi all, First of all I would like to thank the developers for such a complete plane. I have been checking some videos/reviews during last weeks, and yesterday I took the decision and I bought it. I am fully flying in VR, and I have to say that I really enjoyed the first flights yesterday. As a newcomer, I tried to navigate through the forum topics and get as much information as possible, but I could not find any answer/question to the following topic: Is there a way to assign a key/joystick button for opening the “Payload Manager”? I can do it by navigating through the
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