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  1. I move the fuel switch to neutral (off) before I shut down XP with the TS SR22. Next time I start up, the check list I use says to high boost/prime then move to low boost before starting. The issue I have is that the FMOD sound for prime will not work on the initial movement from neutral to high boost/prime. But if I briefly rock the switch up to low boost and then back through neutral to high boost/prime I get the sound. I'm using the RSG switch panel with XP 11.50 on a Windows 10 machine. I checked with RSG but they were not sure why that might be happening. Love the plane and I
  2. This issue occurs for me when I use real weather data and the outside ground level air temp is above 25C. Today its 29C and very humid in Cincinnati and it stalled out 4 times trying to get to the runway to take off.
  3. No. But it's changed slightly, prior to trying your above fix. The plane graphics pop onto the screen, a sound like the engine running down without any prop animation is occurring while the RealSimGear Cirrus plugin is loading, and then it settles down to cold and dark. I've attached the log file from my latest trial where I had deleted the two SR22TN state files, loaded a new flight, and then after getting to a cold dark state, I quit XP. Log.txt
  4. I'm not a pilot, just a newbie flight sim guy (since late May 2020) who really wants to fly the TorqueSim SR22 "by the book" as they say. So, I bought a digital version of the Cirrus Flight Operation Manual for the SR22! Here's a quote from the book about this issue: “During the first takeoff of the day in an SR22T or SR22TN, due to relatively low engine oil temperature and associated higher oil pressures, engine manifold pressure may exceed limits. This is acceptable, but if this occurs, pilots should smoothly reduce power to bring it back below red-line. In subsequent flights with hig
  5. I keep my setting for starting up the SR22TN plane to cold and dark. A couple of flights ago, the sim started up with the prop spinning and then stopping. Everything else is off, as it was left. It has occurred every flight since then. Not sure if a pref setting is munged or a bug. It started occurring in 1.0.1, X-Plane 11.5 latest beta, Windows 10. I've been absolutely thrilled with what you have accomplished with this plane.
  6. If it helps, this phenomenon started showing up in 1.0.1 for me on taxiing before take off. I typically lean to "X" on the mixture settings.
  7. memcbride


    Stefan Drury and his plane EYZ, which is one of the liveries. Here's Stefan's reaction about EYZ being in X-Plane:
  8. That could work and would reduce one more time you have to look down to flip a switch. Just as a point of information, I'll be giving up the use of the Saitek switch panel sometime next week as the RealSimGear Cirrus switch panels will be arriving. Best, Mark
  9. Thank you for doing this. A possible suggestion would be to set one of the unused switch for switching left/right fuel tanks. Best, Mark
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