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  1. Same here. Purchased the CL650 on day one & I haven't flown any other aircraft since. It's incredible what Toto, Goran & their supporting team have produced.
  2. Many thanks for the detailed explanation @VictoryAJ I haven't been using the HUD in the Challenger because I don't fully understand what it's telling me. When you've got the time, a video showing the practical application of the benefits you've described would be brilliant.
  3. Yep, it's very accurate as confirmed by a current corporate CL650 pilot.
  4. If you've got an ipad or iphone this works well for W&B https://apps.apple.com/ca/app/pan-aero-weight-and-balance-cl600-cl604-cl605/id904328430
  5. That's what it is. Bearing & distance pointer.
  6. Absolutely. In RL the PM would setup the approach speeds in the FMS once the aircraft has been cleaned up after the go-around and is being vectored for another approach. With the high workload associated at the go-around the PF would normally engage the autopilot as early as practicable allowing time for both pilots to complete and cross-check cockpit preparations, checklists etc in readiness for the subsequent approach. Single pilot in the sim is quite demanding but shouldn't take long to change the approach in the FMS, check the landing weight and send the revised perf landing v-speeds in the FMS especially if you're entering a hold after the go-around.
  7. Glad you got it sorted. Don't worry, it caught me out the first time it happened to me as well!
  8. @KirkR Sounds like that's the culprit! If the co-pilot's side is on green screen and not FMS NAV then the NAV-NAV xfer doesn't activate.
  9. @KirkROn the approach after the GA you were effectively in "no-mans land" as far as the FMS was concerned. It was in a state of "discontinuity" . Effectively you had two choices from the radar vectored approach in HDG mode, either go direct TOLPE ( with intercept course if req'd) as in your first approach in HDG mode and arm the approach ( this would have given you the req'd NAV to NAV transfer) or select "NAV SRC" to change to green screen before localiser capture. Either would have intercepted and captured the localiser correctly.
  10. Yep. The red light has been reported previously. I remember Goran said on the Discord channel he'll fix it for the next update.
  11. ROUTE ID: DEFRTE EGFF/12 BCN1B BCN Q63 STU P2 BANBA DCT CRK DCT EIKY/26 As per the title, the aircraft turned right instead of left on the go-around. ( same on v1.6.1 and the Beta version ) Log.txt
  12. @KirkR Your solution seems to work but I've found the easiest solution, especially if flying online, is instead of advancing the thrust levers to activate the ATS, instead press the ATS button on the glareshield panel. If it flashes and disconnects then press it a second time and it always activates with the second press. This method is an approved manual alternative to the automatic engagement when advancing the thrust levers.
  13. Route: LZIB/31 TOVKA1A TOVKA DCT LANUX DCT OKF DCT HDO M725 KOBUS P31 BUKIG DCT NUKRO NUK07R EDDB/07R I had a CDT when airborne selecting the RNP 07R approach in the FMS. I then used the situation auto-save but as soon as I selected the approach the sim crashed again. It even crashes if the RNP 07R approach is inserted on the ground before taxi. I tried it on the v1.7-beta 1 just out of interest and the same happened again. Attached 2 x Log.txt: Aircraft on ground in 1.6.1 & airborne in 1.7 Beta.(Log2) ( If the ILS 07R is selected it doesn't crash - maybe a Navigraph error?? ) Log.txt Log2.txt CL650_Log.txt CL650_Log2.txt
  14. Unfortunately I'm still getting the same problem. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future update.
  15. Make sure you've got a valid N1 value indicating on the EICAS. eg: Automated "in range checklist" doesn't always automatically do this for you. You have to insert the appropriate N1 thrust required for the go-around in the FMS "PERF" page. Without a valid N1 the ATS disconnects and will not reconnect until the N1 value is set. I'm pretty sure a similar situation can occur with the after takeoff automated checklist. I believe if it's delayed past 15,000 ft the ATS will lose the N1 target and disengage. ( after t/off checklist calls for transition to CLB thrust )
  16. @KirkR I did a short flight with a new airframe and the ATS worked as advertised. I then shut down the aircraft completely to cold & dark at destination. On the next flight the ATS again worked perfectly so it appears that the problem arises when the aircraft is left in a state other than cold & dark. It's not a deal breaker but I'm sure Toto & the team always strive for perfection so I'm sure it'll get fixed in the near future once they see our posts. I agree with you this is an amazing aircraft. I purchased it on day one & I honestly haven't flown anything else since.
  17. @KirkR I'm glad I saw your post as exactly the same has been happening to me for some time now. I thought it might be the X-Touch Mini that I use conflicting which is why I didn't post sooner about the problem. I'm using Windows10 so your MacOS Monterey is not a factor. I tend to leave the aircraft in a turnaround state with APU running and sometimes use the same position on reload and other times untick the "restore position" box and load into another airfield. I get the same result with both scenarios. Unlike yourself I generally don't advance the thrust levers but press the ATS button at the start of the take-off roll so thrust lever movement can be discounted as well. If I press the ATS button a second time it then stays engaged as demonstrated on your video. If I get a chance later today I'll try again with a new airframe and see what happens. It could be connected to the states being saved between flights but I'll report back here with the result.
  18. If you wanted to use RA minimums it should be set at 200 RA which is the figure in brackets ( height equivalent ) next to the 861ft DA on the approach plate. RA minimums are used for CAT II and CAT III approaches.
  19. Dunno about the CTD but the stuck nose door pin is a result of the hydraulics being energised and the compartment switch in the wrong position. If you select the nose door switch to the open position then you should be able to remove the pin. It's a failsafe system to avoid the doors being closed with someone in the wheel bay.
  20. I've had exactly the same problem. Surely the High Level Shutoff Valve should apply to the right wing and not the left? Or are we saying that the left tank was full originally but that it drained into the right tank after being parked on a slope? In that case, why is the right pump still showing "OP" when the tank is full?
  21. My last but one post above with a pic. of a clean wing is showing 0.4886. The picture above with ice depicted correctly is 0.8358 I presume these are the datarefs in question but if there are others how do I find them?
  22. No problem with it showing ice sometimes. I don't know what exactly the icing numbers mean but presumably they reflect the intensity of ice being experienced on the aircraft wing. Maybe it's just a bit of fine tuning needed to display ice on the wing at lower levels of sublimation. However there's something not quite right as in both these cases the aircraft was unable to get airborne and climb. In real life you have the benefit of touch but unfortunately unless it's depicted visually in a simulator it'll end up ruining your day!
  23. Don't know whether it's x-plane wrongly reporting ice or something to do with Toto's simulation of temp/humidity over the past 24 hours but the problem is that there's no visual ice on the wings. Having spent considerable time setting up the aircraft to find that it won't get airborne due to ice that cannot be evaluated visually on the walkaround completely ruins what is otherwise an amazing simulation of this aircraft. It's the same again at a different airfield (LFLB) with clear skies and a temperature of +8C. Are anyone else having similar problems or is something maybe affecting the icing datarefs on my system?
  24. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50510-popup-icing-display/
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