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  1. Just press "UPR MENU" when in chart mode and use the rotary to select the desired chart. NOTE : Easier if you have loaded the procedure in the FMS first.
  2. Glad to hear, I was starting to get really annoyed by Ze Germans making me explain "Warum Ich bin flying at +200". Anyway, we're sorry to make you inhibit your complicated altimeter simulation. Maybe soon it will become standard in XPlane (12 maybe?) !
  3. Hi ! For those flying the CL60 and in need to put things on paper, here is my TOLDG briefing cardboard. Safe flights ! toldg_lbs.pdf
  4. Hi, CL60 v1.0r1, realistic baro simulation OFF, XPilot and XP11.55 up to date. With XP11 Live Weather, no 3rd party WXR, i'm shown 3 to 500ft above my cleared level (FL390). Yes, all baro set to STD. Any ideas ?
  5. Will defo look into it !! To re-ask what i edited earlier, will the Vspeeds callouts be implemented in the future ?
  6. I will look into it. Nice thing that we can customize the XML checklist. It will require new custom voice recordings correct ?
  7. He might have told me, it was some time ago I get the idea yeah, i was just surprised by the slow-pace of the normal procedures. Don't get me wrong, it is absolutely not a criticism of the knowledge of the people you worked with, they obviously know more than me on the CL6. Oh. Okay then. Any chance to see Vspeeds callouts coming in a future update ?
  8. Hi ! Might be a user error here, but where can i get a correct loadsheet ? ^^
  9. Greetings ! Following our discussion with LES on Reddit, please find what was said here, as requested. So, here is my feedback : Overall, very good experience. The only thing I have to say is : BOY THAT COPILOT IS A SLOW ONE ! The checklist system left me wondering if what I learned during my flight training was correct. If I remember my MCC in a very similar cockpit, we were working way faster and smoother. Any chance to update the checklist system to a more realistic one (aka Do-List and CheckList) ? From my experience, you do all the actions and then check them with the checkli
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