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  1. Well, not knocking XMidiCtrl, but there's a program out there that takes 'any' MIDI device and allows you to: "Turn your MIDI pads, keyboards or controllers into the most sophisticated Macro triggers, app launchers, clipboard processor and more" see: https://mediachance.com/midimacros/ I have both available keyboard programs: Multi-Keyboard Macros Ultimate Shortcut/Macro software with support for multiple keyboards MIDI Keyboard Macros Ultimate Shortcut/Macro software with support for MIDI controllers Hope this helps, Blueb
  2. I downloaded 6 or 7 manuals from Smartcockpit.com They are for the 340B, but are very informative, here's the nav manual... https://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/Saab_340B-Navigation.pdf HTH
  3. Blueb

    Latest version

    Hi Marco, Just got an X-Touch Mini and thought I'd give your software a try. But the best release I can find at GitHub is 0.62 I have been reading the help documents and they discuss: XMidiCtrl - Changelog VERSION 0.92 Added new mapping type to send init messages once after the aircraft profile has been loaded Where can I find this latest version. Thanks, Blueb
  4. Blueb

    new HDD

    I have my complete X-Plane 11 folder on a single purpose SSD drive which I regularly backup (copy) to another single purpose SSD. Note: My backup procedure only copies files that have changed, so it is relatively fast. If and when I've had issues, I simply wiped my main X-Plane drive and copied the backup drive back to my main drive. I have had no issues of any kind with the Windows Registry, etc. Every once and a while I wipe the 'backup drive' and copy my main drive over, so that I get a 'clean' backup. Besides the above I have a backup routine that also places my X-Plane folders to 2 other mechanical drives, giving me a total of 4 backups. I only back these up weekly. As you can see, I'm cautious... but it works for me. HTH
  5. Thanks for replying Goran. At this point I have no choice but to uninstall the product and try again to see if I can get it working. Perhaps it will be a better experience. Every user would agree that the 3 things I asked is something that should exist in any plane package. Is there a reason why these 3 items are difficult to obtain? Kind Regards, Blueb
  6. Pathetic... I purchased the TBM 900 about a month ago and have tried many times to get this P.O.S. going. It's a beginner's nightmare. I have many other planes from many different sources. When I purchase a new plane I 'check' the "Start with engines running" option in X-Plane, just to see how everything works. Never had a problem, except with the TBM 900. I doesn't like this 'engines running' options. So I tried unchecking this option, hoping for a Cold and Dark Start. No luck... when the unit starts up.. the power is on to everything and I have: CAUTION: The engine has accumulated fuel residue.... If I press the red X to get rid of the caution... the engine starts on fire! I even tried the tutorial visdeo... it continues with the engine on fire! There's only 3 things I want... #1 - Checking the 'Start with engines running' option only means one thing... everything's good. - all I have to do is release the parking brake and go. (this is what any beginner would expect) #2 - If the 'Start with engines running' check is NOT checked.... - a "FRESH" Cold & Dark state is expected... everytime without fail NOTE the word FRESH (without residual things like cautions, fires, flat tires, etc. etc.) #3 - When I press "Fix all Failures in X-Plane" I expect all failures to be FIXED.
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