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  1. I just installed ixeg 737 and had the same issues when I clicked the 'Start with engines running' The doors were open, etc. The way I corrected this was to go to the 737 Main Menu (mouse the left side of the screen) and click the second choice: "PREFLIGHT" From the choices click "Ready to Fly" Click on "RESTART" at the bottom.. You're good to go! Note: This checkbox even overwrites the X-Plane 'Start with engines running' checkbox.
  2. Thanks for this Christophe, it's much appreciated.
  3. Here's a version for you. 1556557797_MU-2B-60POH.pdf
  4. I downloaded the new 2.0 updates for the BN-2B (reg and turbo). Thanks for this.. it is appreciated. A small thing... I do not have/use RealSimGear stuff (G5 and G500), but the install package included both versions in my system. I went to the menu, and it displayed 3 choices for the Bn-2B-26 and 3 choices for the BN-2T Islanders. Looking at the icons, it is not really obvious which is which. (if you linger, the tooltip will display the highlighted ACF file) I really don't have a problem with this.. it just clutters my selection page, for no good reason. What I did was remove both G500 folders and all the G5 files in each plane and stored them in a TEMP% folder. I gained 3.48 GB of space on my SSD, and my selection noew shows one of each BN-2B (reg and turbo). No big deal for me... but some users may need all the space they can get. Perhaps the installation should ask the user if the use: 1- G5 equipment 2- G500 equipment and skip the files that are not needed. Just a thought. PS - Both models look and fly great. Thanks again.
  5. I brought all my XP11 planes over when I got my XP12 program up and running. I was planning on removing the planes that didn't work properly in XP12... but it's not as easy as I thought. If there are issues... is it an XP11/12 issue, or something else? Result: I need to do more checking, but I'm too busy flying. haha
  6. Yep... I do have a bigger problem than I thought. I notice you have 55 plane choices. Good Golly, I have a problem!
  7. Think you have a problem, I have so many I had to create an app that 'random sorts' my selection. haha
  8. #1 - I agree.. I love Alaska and have most of the free (and paid) scenery/airport improvements that I could find. #2 - I'm embarrassed to tell you how many planes I have. I normally stick to your plan of putting some hours in on the same plane, but then I read an article (or Skunkcrafts says an update is ready)... and I'm off to the races. Do you think the internet is giving me a short attention span?
  9. It's been a great week... both the Marquise 'and' the E-Jets !
  10. Thanks for the video TK... very informative. This is somewhat off topic, but it may help your users in the future. I have a DropBox account and noticed that you used it to download the video file, and I was thinking: "Hey, what a quick way to get a point across, if I have a problem with the MU." I tried to record an X-Plane video with (Ctrl - Spacebar) which creates an AVI file in: "E:\X-Plane 12\Output\screenshots\" but the results had NO SOUND and there is no obvious place to add sound to the stock video recorder. (at least I wasn't able to find it) I can use VideoLan to convert .AVI files to the .MP4 files so that is not an issue. Thanks for any help
  11. Well, not knocking XMidiCtrl, but there's a program out there that takes 'any' MIDI device and allows you to: "Turn your MIDI pads, keyboards or controllers into the most sophisticated Macro triggers, app launchers, clipboard processor and more" see: https://mediachance.com/midimacros/ I have both available keyboard programs: Multi-Keyboard Macros Ultimate Shortcut/Macro software with support for multiple keyboards MIDI Keyboard Macros Ultimate Shortcut/Macro software with support for MIDI controllers Hope this helps, Blueb
  12. I downloaded 6 or 7 manuals from Smartcockpit.com They are for the 340B, but are very informative, here's the nav manual... https://www.smartcockpit.com/docs/Saab_340B-Navigation.pdf HTH
  13. Blueb

    Latest version

    Hi Marco, Just got an X-Touch Mini and thought I'd give your software a try. But the best release I can find at GitHub is 0.62 I have been reading the help documents and they discuss: XMidiCtrl - Changelog VERSION 0.92 Added new mapping type to send init messages once after the aircraft profile has been loaded Where can I find this latest version. Thanks, Blueb
  14. Blueb

    new HDD

    I have my complete X-Plane 11 folder on a single purpose SSD drive which I regularly backup (copy) to another single purpose SSD. Note: My backup procedure only copies files that have changed, so it is relatively fast. If and when I've had issues, I simply wiped my main X-Plane drive and copied the backup drive back to my main drive. I have had no issues of any kind with the Windows Registry, etc. Every once and a while I wipe the 'backup drive' and copy my main drive over, so that I get a 'clean' backup. Besides the above I have a backup routine that also places my X-Plane folders to 2 other mechanical drives, giving me a total of 4 backups. I only back these up weekly. As you can see, I'm cautious... but it works for me. HTH
  15. Thanks for replying Goran. At this point I have no choice but to uninstall the product and try again to see if I can get it working. Perhaps it will be a better experience. Every user would agree that the 3 things I asked is something that should exist in any plane package. Is there a reason why these 3 items are difficult to obtain? Kind Regards, Blueb
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