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  1. I tried with 3 different cloud types at the same time : 1 x few cumulus, 1 x scattered and 1 broken cumulus
  2. The issue is back, JohnMAXX Is way less than 2 months ago, but it's there I tried everything possible. Maybe the latest Vulcan ( 10 and 11 ) are the culprit I don't blame your product. Don't really know how to fix it
  3. Thanks, I'll keep trying, and I'll report back to you
  4. Okay, I'll upload later some screenshots Thank you
  5. The issue is back, after latest SMP version I tried with XP 11 beta 10 and beta 11 ( today released the beta 11 ) Thank you
  6. Is the download link not available, anymore ???
  7. Can you please upload the 4.9.2 installer?
  8. I'd like to install 4.9.2 as well, but I can't There must be a way to do this
  9. So, there is no chance to get back to the previous version ?
  10. John, what exactly did you modify, for the clouds ? Only some TGA files, or something else ?
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