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  1. Unfortunately was AFK so didn't witness the CTD live. Aircraft was cruising normally (over the ocean, so I assume no scenery loaded). Autosave worked perfectly! First flight interrupted by a CTD, will do plugin cleanup as usual and try to reproduce the issue. Log.txt CL650_Log.txt
  2. For what is worth, I'll second this suggestion. Would be very helpful.
  3. SimToolkitPro relies on SimBrief profiles IIRC. You can customize a SimBrief existing aircraft with SR22 / SR22T weights but it will still be close to pointless (as the rest of the performance calculations are based on non-editable data). You'll need to ask the dev on the SimBrief support forums to add an SR22 / SR22T profile, but it very rarely happens for him to add GA profiles
  4. Beautiful model, really unappreciated by the masses (mostly because it's hosted here, really a lost gem). In the next weeks I hope I'll get some time to get my hands dirty to do a few textures
  5. Hi, is there a painkit available? I'd like to try to do one of Aeronautica Militare Avantis http://www.aeronautica.difesa.it/mezzi/mlinea/PublishingImages/Rifornimento e trasporto/P180/P180_APERTURA.jpg http://www.ronchitower.it/media/img_big/P180-AMI-MM62202-06052016_1.jpg
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