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  1. Pretty cool CAP. I've been considering this new release for purchase since its inception It does look like it would give the processor a go though. As far as if the bombs hit the target, I would be satisfied to believe the bombs came close enough to get the tank crew to soil themselves. Happy hunting.
  2. Saw this at the air show in town last year. The pilot was giving free rides to the kids. I thought the co-ordinated tail and rudder system were very cool.
  3. Bringing in a CEO to KSAC Executive Airport.
  4. My Grandpa used to say that if your body is in perfect condition when you die, regardless of age, you haven't lived a full life. His goal was to be a total wreck by age 95. Liver fried, skin crispy from too much sun, scars on most of his limbs from doing crazy stunts, and heart palpitations from too many adrenaline rushes. The secret is timing. Don't do it all at once, (like Charlie Sheen). Pick your adventures carefully. He lived to be 101 yrs. old and died in his sleep with a smile on his face. I'm trying very hard to follow in his footsteps.
  5. I ran X-Plane in the program folder in an XP operating system. No problemo. Lose Vista! Microsoft will be the first to admit it's a terrible operating system swimming with bugs. Make the leap to Windows 7. It's an easy install upgrade from Vista. Rock steady platform. There are two program folders, regular and x86. Use the regular one.
  6. kiofka

    Kmmh preview

    The waving flag, (and some other animations in Openscenery), requires the Sandy Barbour Plugin, CustomSBDatarefs004 plugin, to wave and work correctly. You can get it here, http://www.xpluginsdk.org/misc_plugins.htm, (scroll down the page a little). It is available for Mac, Windows, or Linux. I use it and have never found it to interfere or be incompatible with anything so far.
  7. I believe you will enjoy this viewing of the B-29 Enola Gay cockpit - - the plane flown By Paul Tibbits dropped the atom bomb on Japan to end WWII. You will probably marvel at the technology used to allow you to click anywhere in the cockpit photo and the scene will change as you move your mouse! B-29 Enola Gay......National Air and Space Museum CLICK AND DRAG THE POINTER IN ALL DIRECTIONS http://www.davidpalermo.com/data/slideshow/4/index.html
  8. All of the problems can be fixed. It does require Blender or AC3D. Unchecking the runway follows terrain button only effects the airport and not the terrain around it, otherwise, theoretically, you could flatten Mt. Everest and bury the Grand Canyon. Not acceptable for anyone concerned with scenery. I've corrected converted sceneries before and it can be a bit tedious. If you want to dabble in scenery, there really is no way to stay away from 3D architecture apps. without being forced to be dependent upon other peoples objects. Don't be intimidated. You would be surprised at what a few littl
  9. My condolences to those effected by the floods. I think we're starting to see proof of the climate change we've been warned about. I hope there's enough time left to get the environment back on track. Good luck to you and yours Simon.
  10. This is the first time I've ever heard crickets in a website...
  11. Amen I was able to find both addresses no problem.
  12. Hi guys, The scenery is mine. That is, I created it. It is an experiment in Ultra High resolution draped polygons. Flying over it is an extraordinary experience. My house is at the nose of the chopper, not the shadow of the chopper. I was careful to match the time of day and season with the same time and season of the photo so the shadows would match. (About 1 pm, middle of Summer). So the effect is a very realistic screenshot. UH-60 Blackhawk , The livery is stock with the chopper, (C74). A half a mile from my house is the Army Supply Depot. So the livery seemed appropriate.
  13. Flying over my house in the 206. The commute was a breeze today! My house at the nose. 206 shadow at 4 o'clock.
  14. If it doesn't have animated doors and windows, I'm not buying it...
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