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  1. Yes, a update would be nice.
  2. so that's what happens when you drive. Try to open the door at 200 km/h. The airstream. No one in an airplane has such forces to open the door at that speed? This is not possible with the TBM 900. The sliding door at the Porter is probably easier.
  3. Yes, but Version 11.50 is Beta. I always thought that the products are developed for the functioning systems. And this is 11.41. And no beta versions. Will there still be compatibility with 11.41? There are other problems, too. So if I change planes or reload the plugin, there will be crashes. I can also open the door during the flight, that shouldn't happen. So the plane has a lot of potential, but is not yet where it should be. That's too bad.
  4. Me too. Despite the above mentioned instructions I cannot operate the keyboard in the airplane. Also not the maintenance. When changing or restarting the plugin Crash to Desctop. Log.txt
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