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  1. Looking forward to the update, but even without it, Im having so much fun with this aircraft! best sim aircraft Ive ever flown and Ive flow a lot! In VR its a blast! Rob
  2. Couldnt agree more! The amount of fun Ive had with it, I certainly got my moneys worth. Such a great plane and so much fun to fly! its all I use these days! Rob
  3. The TBM is amazing!  my favorite plane in Xplane or any other sim. so much fun to fly and everything is working great for me. Im having a blast with it for the last two months or so. Its making this pandemic thing much easier to deal with!  thank you so much! 

    Robert Feddersen

    1. Goran_M


      Glad to see you're enjoying it. ;)

  4. When using this plane in VR. the pilots view point is inside the engine. I can move the camera manually back the pilot seat, but its certainly not the ideal way. I hope this gets fixed in an update, till them it will remain grounded for me. Looks great though! amazing modeling work! Rob
  5. Love this plane, its amazing, However, When I first installed the aircraft yesterday, the option to display the tablet was there and it worked. today when I loaded it up, the tablet was not there and the place on the menu where the option was listed is a black space. What am I doing wrong? Rob
  6. Yes, I confirm, Better pushback, not working with this version. However, I would think this is an easy fix, since it worked in the previous versions. Rob
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