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  1. Thanks Guys! Was having an issue entering a route from KORD to KPIT, which I have flown many times. Was getting a crash entering waypoint ANEWA into the box, couldn't figure it out even after reading the causes here in the forums. But it's working well now! Good Job!!
  2. Seeing that RSG is part of the team, will it have out of the box compatibility with the RSG G1000? Reason I ask well, is probably because I'm not doing something right, but flying different a/c that use the G1000, I tend to muck things up switching between them, and end up having to do something to get the panel working properly again. Usually it's just removing and resizing the panel before sliding it on to the display, but can get frustrating at times. Probably should consult with Jarrod or Brad to get back on track. Will be nice if it 'just works.' Again, most likely it's something tha
  3. Hi Cameron, I'll be getting a new computer next week. Should I de-authorize my X Aviation account on the old one before trying to authorize the new machine? It's a PC, and I do use the other two authorizations on my iMac and MBP Thanks for the guidance! Bill
  4. Sorry for the time error, I've been battling the flu since Sunday, so my timing may be off. So is there a way to rectify this problem, as I am locked out on my primary Flight Sim computer? my apologies
  5. I know this isn't the proper forum for this issue, but perhaps someone can provide direction to resolution. Somehow on the usual X Aviation update, I entered the wrong machine ID, and it locked out the system. I did initiate a ticket over a week ago, but have yet to hear anything from them. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks! Bill
  6. Thanks Cameron. Thought I had the previous DMG ejected, found one hiding amongst the clutter on my desktop! Removed it, installation successful!!
  7. Getting 'Unable to download component SkyMaxxPro: File not found' Redownloaded installer, same error. 2017 iMac
  8. Hi Guys, Sorry it's taken so long to report back. I did do my own mapping of views, and the FMC works just fine using my presets. If I go and use the default FMC preset, then the keys do not function. The other presets do not interfere with my mapping of the FMC. It hasn't been much of an issue for me as I do most of my flying on my PC, which does not have this issue. And IIRC, I have the same set of plug ins on both systems, so it may be a Mac issue. If I discover anything else, I will report back,. Thanks, Bill
  9. Thanks Jan, that was my plan. And I didn't think the update would solve the issue, but I can't figure out what is causing this. Have you had any others report this issue?
  10. Updated to 1.21. Issue persists...
  11. Morton, you hit on something here. When I first enter the cockpit, if I pan over to the FMC, I am able to press the buttons to enter data or change screens. But once I select Presets, there is no change on the display by hitting the buttons. Changes still show up on AirFMC. This is any Preset, not just FMC. If I change aircraft, and go back to the 733, as long as I don't use the Presets, I'm able to manipulate the FMC by pressing the buttons. Chase view, 3D view, as long as I don't select Presets, I'm ok. Any thoughts?
  12. Updated to High Sierra, but no change. Pressing the buttons on the FMC have no affect on the display, stays on Perf Init, but with AirFMC linked, appropriate changes with each key press shows on AirFMC. Have no clue at this point...
  13. Ok, just installed the 733 on my Mid 2017 13" TB MacBook Pro, with the XP11 demo installed. This system has High Sierra 10.13.3 as the OS. Loaded the 733, was able to program the FMC without issue. So maybe updating to High Sierra may resolve the issue...
  14. If I don't have AirFMC running, the keys don't respond to entries. But if I then connect AirFMC, the entries appear on the AirFMC display. I don't enter very much prior to connecting AirFMC. I haven't yet updated to HighSierra, I may give that a go to see if it changes anything. Seems pretty stable so far. And the 733 is working fine on my PC, a late 2016 Alienware Aurora R5. Hmm, maybe I'll install the 733 on my MacBook Pro. Just have the demo on that machine, but will be interesting to see if the FMC works properly.
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