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  1. it happens when too much reverse thrust is added... and too fast. when adding thrust while takeoff you also need to push the right rudder due to prob torque (prop is spinning right causing the plane to roll to the left around the longitudinal axis) - the same happens when using reverser: the plane starts rolling to the left, especially when going directly from "flight idle" into "full reverse" -> torque increases too fast -> "goodbye runway" so: increase reverse thrust slowly and push right rudder to keep the plane centered on the runway. any questions? please ask
  2. ot: icao code for the TBM 900 which is need in the flightplan would also be nice. right now on ivao there is only TBM7 for the TBM700
  3. i am in the outside view but there is nothing flashing red, in 1.07 it was i additionaly added a video from V1.08 where you can see that there is no beacon light flashing
  4. sorry. my fault: it isnt there any more, in 1.07 it was flashing on the wingtips when there was electrical power, right now there isnt any beacon light flashing at the wingtips at all
  5. where is the red beacon light which is flashing when the crashbar is up or the battery is on? could not see it in V1.08
  6. a short trip from EDSB to EGLC and back with V1.07. works very good by now only the G1000 is to bright, but doesnt keep me of flying this beauty picture: nearly centerline with crosswinds from the right - main gear first and keep the nosewheel up
  7. on left display click on "PFD" then the outer left key "SYN VIS" then "SYN TERR" - therafter you can choose "horizon heading" and "airport signs" and "pathway". i use horizon heading and airport signs, pathway looks good but does not seem to work very good. selecting a lower altitude doesnt cause the magenta boxes to show a decend path, eg.
  8. I've deleted my whole joystick settings inside xplane 11, and set everything up from zero. Right now i can use the plane as it should and got some very nice flights with this plane. Keep it going guys :-)
  9. very nice! an update a day keeps the pilots happy :-)
  10. using Logitech G940: left pedal is set as "left toebrake" right pedal is set as "right toebrake", the last ruder axis is set as "ruder". even in the tutorial about taxing the aicraft the pedals are not moving when forced to do the exercise with "setting the parking brake" - ruder is moving but pedals (brakes) arent.
  11. same issue here, brakes wont release - so the plane in its state right now is useless and can not be flown...
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