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  1. I uploaded an Aloha 737 retro livery from the late 80's: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48709-aloha-airlines-b737-300-ixeg-n301al-repaint/
  2. Good evening Jan I tried the installier and the FMC shows Version 1.0.7 Looks good to me, further testing within the next days
  3. Same here Tried a few times with Reboot, code entered always with copy&paste, no blank spaces copied or entered.
  4. Thank you It still looks weird to me :-)
  5. Hi Jan I also saw that in a turn the terrain numbers would turn on the display with the Heading until they are "realoaded". I can try to make a screenshot tomorrow, but maybe someone knows what I mean :-)
  6. Here is one of them. After ~35 legs in the IXEG and many many visual patterns I made 2 legs in the PMDG yesterday. It was such a boring time cause there was absolutely no feeling in this aircraft. It sounds like a hair dryer and it flies like on rails even with gusty wind. The PMDG might look good and offer detailed systems but like all the other FSX airplanes you just don't feel like moving some 40-50 tonnes through the air. Today I am on my third leg with the IXEG again and I don't want anything else right now, as I am approaaching Dresdens runway 04 in 10 minutes ;-)
  7. Hi Dave Thank you. Normally I use FS Global Real Weather but in this case it was just standard X-plane set to Cat I, added rain and some gusty crosswind.
  8. Hello pilots I decided to share my first flightsim video here. It shows a takeoff from Bremens runway 27 during some CAT I weather when the engine decides to retire before the other aircraft parts ;-) There are some minor mistakes while handling the abnormal, but since I am not rated on the 737 AND I am flying this thing without a copilot I still think it was okay. But it's not a training video Have fun
  9. Hello IXEG Team First of all thank you for this wonderful plane Here is my suggestion: When entering a direct to the final descent point on the Legs page, I am missing a place near LSK5R or 6R where you can enter the final approach course in order to get an extended centerline of your arrival runway. Is this feature available on the real 737-300 and if yes, will we see it in the future on the IXEG? Thanks in advance Peter
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