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  1. Hello, Thank you, it also works for me after having reloaded the installer recently; I don't know where the problem came from, it's strange.
  2. Hello, there is still no solution to the installer problem, so no possibility to install the addon, it's a shame that the developer and the seller cannot offer us an alternative. We hope that the community will find a solution to this problem that affects many people. Sékou DIANE
  3. Hello, It is not normal that X-aviation does not comment and does not offer any solution to this problem.
  4. Hello, I know this is the subject, but I cannot reinstall the addon, there is always an error message at the end of the process; this is the case for many customers. Does anyone have the solution because the addon is really good. Thank you in advance. Sékou DIANE
  5. Hello, I have exactly the same problem, the installation hangs at the end, I have the same error messages. Despite several attempts including on another PC, I did not succeed; I think the installer has a problem. I have no feedback from the seller on this problem and no member of the community can explain why.
  6. Hello,
    Excuse I use google translation.
    I can not install my addons, on the login page, when I write my e-mail address, I have an alert message: (you need to specify a value).
    Would anyone have the solution to my problem?
    Thank you in advance.
    Sekou DIANE

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