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  1. I am posting this problem again because I have yet to receive a response. After updating to 1.6.5, on loading, the aircraft is cold and dark and almost immediately shuts X-Plane down. There is signs of life initially, then cold and dark, then back to the desktop. I have attached the Log file in the hopes that it will offer a clue. Sorry to be posting again but this is frustrating. Log.zip
  2. I have just installed the latest update for the SAAB 340 which fixed the nosewheel steering bug. However, whenever I try to run the aircraft, X-Plane crashes on loading. I have tried all the variations just in case. I have also attached the Log file in the hope that there will be a clue there. Yours, Colin Sigley Log.zip
  3. Well done both of you. Finger trouble during start up!!! Never too old to learn and re-learn
  4. I am using 1.1.9, which is a major improvement on 1.1.8 which didn't run on my machine. However, now that I am back flying an excellent machine, I have found that the elevator trim is virtually ineffective using either my Saiteck X56 stick or the mouse within VR. Has anyone else come across this problem??
  5. I have been trying to load and fly the TBM 900 after updating to the latest 1.1.7. Every time I get to the cockpit stage, X-Plane 11 crashes. The last 9 lines in the log.txt are "2019-03-21 17:53:21 TBM900[except.c:282]: Something reinstalled our exception handler, replaced it with 0000000000000000". I have attached a zipped copy of the log.txt file. Any help much appreciated. Oh, it no longer allows me to start with the engine running - a useful thing which appears to have gone. Log.zip
  6. ColSig

    Maintenance Page

    The latest update, 1.1, appears to have solved the problem.
  7. I have just installed 1.0.9 and, when I select the maintenance pop-up, the screen is so large that it is virtually impossible to de-select it. It also means that the x-plane menu bar appears when trying to close the pop-up. Any thoughts out there?
  8. ColSig

    No Engine Start

    Am I alone in being unable to start the engine? I have tried the tutorial method and the manual method to no avail. I am using the latest 0.2 version. I have just spent another hour trying to start the engine without any success. The engine does not start even when selected to start on loading. This is an expensive aircraft and I am keen to get it into the air. All my other X-Aviation products are excellent and I am hoping that this aircraft will be as good when I can get it to start. I have just added a further log.txt. This time the sim crashed shortly after loading. I ha
  9. Hi Cameron, Many thanks for providing the link for the hot fix to 1.0.7. The aircraft is a delight. Colin Sigley
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