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  1. I do feel not using full nose wheel steering lock helps.
  2. It would be nice to actually know what IS going on right now, and what is left to do on the 733...
  3. I'm currently working on all the reflections. If I can achieve a satisfactory level, I will release an American Airlines old colours.
  4. COntrols are a bit too sensitive, steering on the ground can be tricky. XP 11.01.
  5. He's not sharing any files, he's just telling how to mod them so that the aircraft works better.
  6. Yeah, also, if the white line had been a bit lower down, you avoid this problem. Might have to start the repaint again, but I get the idea of what I have to do. Thanx for your help. I love your paint, by the way. I did my first flight with it. I used to live by LEVC and we used to get flights from Coventry operated by Thomsonfly 733's.
  7. Some progress... Noticed the left side lower fuselage was brighter than the right, corrected it. Just waiting to see what I can do with the bent lines, and little more to do with it.
  8. I started work on this, but I am having some problems with the white line as it gets close to the nose and the tail. Any tips on how to avoid this? Thanx in advance.
  9. I'm hainvg some problems with other addons... I wonder if it's the STEAM edition of X-Plane... Javier Alfonso
  10. Ok, after a full flight, right CDU is still off, altimeter on the PFD is ok, I uninstalled and re-installed and it still isn't asking for a serial number and on the FMS (or CDU) on the perf page I can only set the thrust limits. Any ideas?
  11. Hi, I recently purchased the CRJ for XP10 64 bit (latest verision 1,5xxx) and when I first loaded it, it never requested activation, furthermore, the screen of the right CDU is off, on the perf page of the left CDU, I don't have anywhere to put the aircraft weights, altimeter looks odd... weird little issues. I have the STEAM version of X-Plane. Is that a problem? Thanx in advance. Javier Alfonso
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