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  1. Never seen before!!! Will it also be in V.2 ?
  2. Mistery solved Gregory. The passenger version works fine. The cargo version has the problems I described to you. I am happy as a duck in the water.
  3. The video has a poor quality despite of its dimension. In the end I disengaged the Latch manually. I have a second computer, without flight peripherals, and the behavior of the keyboard throttle is the same. 1130955463_X-Plane2021_04.01-16_45.39_04.mp4
  4. Rarely. I use the manual start but with the logic of v1.5. Apparently it works. I confirm that it is the Auto-Start that disables the flag of the "Use PL Auto-Latch". For me no problem using the release of the latches manually. I don't understand where I'm wrong for the automatic release? Thanks for your patience.
  5. I think so too Gregory. I repeat: I disengage the PL latches manually, the power levers are free, the REV works very good. This on the ground and on landing. My problems start when i select, from "Saab User Preferences", Use PL Auto-Latch. After starting the engines the flag (Use PL Auto-Latch) disappears. By selecting it again the Power Levers Auto-Latch disengages not works. The system works great in flight. In fact if I mistakenly disengage the PL latch manually, it is still impossible to cross the red line in TQ. I hope I have not written badly, sorry, my english is not
  6. Hello Rainer, can you get PL Latch to work in manual mode?
  7. I badly explained myself. By "auto reverse" I meant the "automatic release of the latches". What do you mean by "syncrhronized"? After touchdown I move the joystick(power command) slowly so that the green rectangles drag the yellow indicators that stop in the " FLT IDL" position. There is no way to bring them down (GND IDLE - REV). As I have already written, in manual mode, the latches are released (by SPACE key) and the revs works very well.
  8. Good morning, can you explain better how it works automatically? With my Force Feedback 2 it works well in Manual mode (I assigned the unlock to the Spece key), but also by selecting flag "Use PL Auto-Latch" it does not work automatically. Thanks.
  9. Only to inform: I have the same problem: fly from ENAL (Vigra) to EKVG (Vagar) XP11 crashes.
  10. During landing When I deactivate the autopilot the nose of the plane drops sharply. How can I fix it? In v1.6 this did not happen. Maybe because before the take off I pressed the Pitch Reset button?
  11. Only for me the pitch reset button is important? From v1.6.1 not works. Thanks
  12. EKSN Sindal - Denmark ILS_DME 110.15
  13. in v.1.6.1 these commands do not work.
  14. Hello, the parking brakes "On" works only mouse (no keyboard "V"). Correct?
  15. I badly explained myself: if the landing speed is high (130/140 kt) the power levers cannot move in the reverse position immediately. If the touch-down speed is 115/120 kt the power levers work very well. Is what happens to me with Les Saab 340!
  16. we are sure, in the real world, the power levers can be moved immediately to touch-down in reverse mode?
  17. yes, but with flaps set to 35, and ias at 230 kn, it is not realistic that the flaps will not be damaged.
  18. if I remember correctly on v.1.5 if at take-off it was exceeded a certain speed you would damage the tires. Now this does not happen.
  19. Please, control Systems Failure. For me: flap at 20 removed to 180/200 knots IAS.
  20. using the mouse I get the best results in this view, especially when starting engines manually.
  21. Sorry aeysim, I made a mistake. To assign nosewheel tiller to joy deflag in "Saab User Preferences" "User Tiller"
  22. I use Microsoft Force Feedback 2 and nosewheel tiller works well. CL with mouse also work fine.
  23. Maybe that's not the right place for this question: where is the New V.2 of this wonderful work? Thank's.
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