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  1. Devil's triangle...or maybe Brexit has something to do with it. We haven't paid our duties to cross the channel perhaps :-). Anyway hope they find the culptrit. Johan
  2. Interesting, I see you are not using Simheaven's X-Europe so that sort of invalidates my reply to Goran just now. Edit: And what is even more intersting is that your route is very close to my route, so maybe it has to do with that particular area of the scenery. You use default X-plane scenery? Johan
  3. Hi Goran, That is what I thought as well but those road-network messages are very common with Simheaven X-Europe and they don't cause any problems with other planes (I consider them more as 'pls be aware' messages :-)). But perhaps they trigger something in the Saab. BTW if I take the same route the other way around (EHRD - EGLC) it also crashes after 20-30 mins. Happy to give it a try without X-Europe and see what happens. Or if I can help in any other way pls. let me know, no dump files are created but if you have a debug setting you want me to activate no problem. Best
  4. Hi team, When flying the LES S340, X-plane consistently crashes enroute from EGLC - EHRD appr 20-30 mins into the flight. The Saab is the only plane this happens in, for instance in the Carenado F50 I can fly the same route without a problem. The screen freezes, sound keeps going but nothing I can do but force-quit X-plane. I attached the log file though there's not much to see I'm afraid. Also attached the flight plan .fms. Any suggestions welcome! Cheers, Johan Log.txt EGLCEHRD01.fms
  5. Super job guys, will try it out later today but have every confidence! Thanks very much, Johan
  6. ADMIN NOTE! PLEASE SEE FOLLOWING TOPIC: ---------------------------------------------------------------- Team, I just upgraded, already noticed during activation (very slow and crashed a few times) but managed to get through that eventually but now upon starting a flight X-plane crashes after 10-20 seconds or so. VRAM usage goes through the roof, I have a Geforce 3090 with 24gb of VRAM and it blows that away in a matter of seconds and then crashes. log file attached. Log.txt
  7. Hi Frank, I wil try that next time, in the meanwhile it just happened again, I tried to collect some more data. - Screenshot of the plugin windows - The metar.rwx that got loaded just before FPS plummeted - Location where I was flying (Zibo 737 at FL310) - Log.txt file upto the point that I turned off SMP This flight was still with Ortho scenery, I will try without next time as well but perhaps this is of some help. After turning SMP off and going to default X-Plane weather FPS restored to normal. Log.txt METAR.rwx
  8. Hi Frank, The screenshot of the plugin shows what happens, I also attach the log file of today's flight. You can see in the log that I disables SMP at some point prior tpo that the performance problems manifested again. I use ASXP and it's true that I use ortho scenery & X-Europe but I monitored my VRAM and it never really went above 9-10GB (out of 24). After I disables SMP (but keeping ASXP active) FPS went back to normal. Not sure if anything can de derived from this but hope it helps. Johan Log.txt
  9. Just stumbled on this topic and can report seeing the same behavior on long hauls as @jweber, I have a RTX3090 so running our of memory is unlikely. Also not seeing anything suspicious in the log file but happy to capture some debug info of that is possible next time it happens. Johan
  10. Hi Frank, I am on the latest (Radeon 5700XT) drivers. Today I wiped X-plane completely clean, so not just the Steam uninstall and then install because that seems to leave some remnant files behind but did an uninstall and removed all that was left behind. Happy to say the SMP clouds are now back in Vulkan, so looks like some files got corrupted? I'm experiencing some horrendous crashes with 11.50 every now and then, like in PC just rebooting spontaneously, I think that may have caused the corruption on an earlier occasion. Hope it doesn't happen again, thanks for your help anywa
  11. Hi team, purchased SMP earlier this week. Upon 1st install it was working fine in 11.50b11 but since a few days now I am unable to see any clouds when using Vulkan (in OpenGL they do show up). I uninstalled/reinstalled SMP, uninstalled/reinstalled X-Plane even but to no avail. I attach 2 screenshots, one is looking straight ahead (C172 @ LOWW) and one when I pan the camera upwards. In the 2nd screenshot you can see that the clouds are actually there as they show up very blocky. I tried various different settings but have not been able to get the clouds to return to normal (agin in Op
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