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  1. Hello, the parking brakes "On" works only mouse (no keyboard "V"). Correct?
  2. I badly explained myself: if the landing speed is high (130/140 kt) the power levers cannot move in the reverse position immediately. If the touch-down speed is 115/120 kt the power levers work very well. Is what happens to me with Les Saab 340!
  3. we are sure, in the real world, the power levers can be moved immediately to touch-down in reverse mode?
  4. yes, but with flaps set to 35, and ias at 230 kn, it is not realistic that the flaps will not be damaged.
  5. if I remember correctly on v.1.5 if at take-off it was exceeded a certain speed you would damage the tires. Now this does not happen.
  6. Please, control Systems Failure. For me: flap at 20 removed to 180/200 knots IAS.
  7. using the mouse I get the best results in this view, especially when starting engines manually.
  8. Sorry aeysim, I made a mistake. To assign nosewheel tiller to joy deflag in "Saab User Preferences" "User Tiller"
  9. I use Microsoft Force Feedback 2 and nosewheel tiller works well. CL with mouse also work fine.
  10. Maybe that's not the right place for this question: where is the New V.2 of this wonderful work? Thank's.
  11. no, it doesn't work for me. I click in the button CLIMB, it changes M-L-H and the marker in the speed indicator, but not the speed and the VSI. I can only go up in IAS or VS mode.
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